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OH no. windows 6.5

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by neutronium, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. neutronium

    neutronium Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi all

    Dont you just like being the noob on the block, asking stupid questions?

    I have been excited about getting into the world of andriod, and rooting.

    Got a used desire in the post on its way to me, got a new sim posted too.

    Then that deflated feeling. Checking the invoice, i see its OS is windows


    Does this mean iam goosed? As in rooting the phone and installing the

    latest Android OS.

    Living in hope Neut


  2. dannylill1981

    dannylill1981 Member

    if its os in windows 6.5 its not a desire.
  3. Wait you ordered something and then you looked at the details? Hmmm far as WM6.5 goes I had it for 3hours before I flashed WM6.5.X base 29XXX as I am sure they are up to COM5+ now, the good ol days :O

    Maybe he order fake Chinese clone?
  4. neutronium

    neutronium Lurker
    Thread Starter

    HTC G7 3.8 inch Capacitive touch screen GPS Windows 6.5 Smart Phone


    OS:Windows 6.5Main functions:Dual camera,FM,GPS,Smart phone,Quadband,WifiBuilt-in games:Built-in 2 Windows gamesMusic:Built-in Media Player,support music of many format (MP3/MP4/WAV/WMA) and to play at backgroud,lyric sync.,online music player(third-party software)Video:Support video of many formats(MP4/AVI/WMV/ASF),support RMVB unlocked,support 30 frame/sE-book:Many e-book readers,download online popular electron novel/numerous study courses and so onFM:FM,play outside with earphoneCamera pixel:5.0MP Supports unlimited audio recording


    Memory:512M/256M, support 8G TF cardExpansion:Java,Bluetooth files transmission,Bluetooth earphone(voice),Bluetooth music(stereo)Data transfers:
    USB,WiFi,U disc under the third party software,bluetooth,activsync


    Telephone directory:100000 groups,unlimited telephone directory,can backup onlineSMS/MMS:50000 SMS,unlimited storage of MMS,no need to delete messages,support SMS encryption(third-party software)Alarm:Can set up from Monday to Sunday at random, can download MP3 as ringtone under third-party softwareRingtone format:MP3,WAV,WMA

    Phone type:Smart phone Accessories:2 batteries (1600mAh)/a charger/earphone/data wireFrequency:850/900/1800/1900MHzNetwork:GSM,EDGETalk time:240-360MStandby time:150-240HOS:Windows mobile 6.5
    CPU: MTK6516 CPU 460*2
    Memory: 512M/256M
    GPS/WIFI/Gravity inducer/Analog TV

    Package includes:

    1 HTC G7 Mobile phone (unlocked)
    1 charger
    1 Standard battery
    1 CD
    1 Manual book
    1 earphone
    1 data cable


  5. neutronium

    neutronium Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Looks genuine and windows 6.5 to me
  6. dannylill1981

    dannylill1981 Member

    i stand corrected, although it still could be chinese clone, if you look at the details it has an analogue tv tuner and the accessories are not HTC ones thats a fake desire my friend. The cpu isnt the same either read the specifications....... as far as i am aware no desire ever came with an analogue tv tuner, a;so no cd is included with the desire, all the software is on the memory card. looking at the pics a bit closer where the earpiece is the desire has little silver ringlets in the holes that one does not, its all in the details........

    thats definately a fake.

    Touch G7: An HTC Desire Clone Specs, Reviews, News and Price Info - MobileWhack

    this is what youve bought.

    after reading a bit more about it it has dual sim (always a sign of a clone) a 533mhz cpu (desire has 1ghz) and the build quility are rubbish and itll never run android.

    heres an indepth review for you


    you got screwed my friend
  7. neutronium

    neutronium Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks all...Not really screwed.
    Got Paypal protection and Credit card protection.
    So it will not get paid

    Cheers for all the advice though........Onwards and upwards
  8. dannylill1981

    dannylill1981 Member

    at least you have protection, hope you get a proper desire soon they are awesome and youll love it.
  9. neutronium

    neutronium Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the info Danny

    I will return :)
  10. dannylill1981

    dannylill1981 Member

    I hope you do mate you wont regret it
  11. Casual Pete

    Casual Pete Android Enthusiast

    Also if you look at the box it clearly shows it running Android and HTC Sense.

    Hope you get your money back.
  12. neutronium

    neutronium Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Glad i joined now.

    Update is.
    Got an immediate refund. So splashed out a little extra for a genuine desire,running 2.2 from a htc retailer, with warrenty........

    So will be avidly checking the forum from now on.

    Thanks all to replied, you saved me from being ripped off, it truely is caveat emptor.
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  13. dannylill1981

    dannylill1981 Member

    no worries my friend, and enjoy your desire !
  14. Si Pie

    Si Pie Well-Known Member

    The optical trackpad looks all wrong. That'd be the only way I would have been able to tell from pictures alone.

    Description is the giveaway, what's a G7?
  15. dannylill1981

    dannylill1981 Member

    yeah that was what gave it away for me and the fact its running win mo, no idea what a g7 is.???
  16. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    The earpiece is wrong too. Also, if you look at another desire, the shape where the light metal meets the button panel is all wrong too.

    G7 is simply a desire. Its nothing to do with anything.

    Edit> oh and the LED appears to be in the top very left corner of the black screen surround, where on the desire, it is half way between teh corner and the logo.
  17. dannylill1981

    dannylill1981 Member

    these fakes are pretty close to the original its getting harder to tell.....

HTC Desire


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