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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Elysia, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Good morning!

    First of all, I'm so happy I found this forum!

    I'm Alexandra, from Cyprus, and I'm an Android fan. I got myself a lovely HTC HD2 but couldn't stand Windows on it so I installed Android on it and never looked back. Ever since, I've been telling anyone who'll listen to drop their bloody iPhones and go for the sensible option. Alas, design and marketing wins at the end of the day...

    It's a bit like this. You see a good looking, albeit generic woman. Think Barbie. She's beautiful in her simplicity. She's the type of girl that's high maintenance, and you know that with her kind, it's her way or the highway. Your friends have all been with this type of girl before. It was passionate but detrimental.

    You fall for her anyway.

    At the beginning, things are fairytale. She dazzles you with promises and potential. Everyone looks at her when you're out, and compliments you on a tasteful choice. She's easy to connect with everyone and able to keep up with any conversation.

    Then, the true colours show. She's cranky. She complains, a lot, and never gives you any space to make your own decisions. A creature that appears so pleasant and pleasing turns into a dragon when you are alone. The sex is great - when she's willing. Which is never.

    You spend your entire salary on this girl and her accessories (why is she so fixated on the expensive stuff?). The demands never end!

    She hates the country you live in and never once fails to pound this in your head. In her country, things were organized. Things were simple - you paid your dues and you got all the expensive stuff you wanted. Your country sucks. It doesn't have all that. You have to bust your head to find them illegally half the time, and that kinda sucks the pleasure out of everything.

    She's only with you because, hey, you pay.

    You spend your days, weeks, months, trying to recapture the magical essence at the beginning of the relationship, only to discover that the reality of the situation is that the real picture isn't what you saw at the beginning. It's what you're been struggling with 99% of the time ever since.

    Finally, after 2.5 years, you get rid of her and get yourself an Android - sorry, I mean the girl next door with the cheeky smile and the cheerful disposition - and live happily ever after.

    Android, how I love thee.


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    Welcome to the Android Forums!

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