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Ohay software update!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TARDISblue, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. TARDISblue

    TARDISblue Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Glanced down at my phone today and saw that I had a wi-fi only software update available from AT&T. 383.78MB. I can only assume that this is going to be Jelly Bean. I'm excited. It's at 45% now, updates to follow.

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  2. head4trauma

    head4trauma Lurker

    I happened to glance down and had the same thing with mine (Rugby Pro). Same file size that you mentioned. I'm at about 62%. As soon as I saw the file size, I knew it wasn't just a little "let's fix this bug" sort of thing. Did a quick search and ended up here (which is ironic since I've not had this account very long).
  3. head4trauma

    head4trauma Lurker

    Upgraded to 4.1.1, and having a field day. So far it seems smoother, though I messed with the developer options right off the bat. An added animation scale gives a bit more control. Open things super fast, or super slow, all smoother.

    A lot of it is stuff I won't figure out just yet. That whole "go online and this code" at the ATT site was sort stupid. The first screen I figured out it was a bit pointless, so I went through, made sure it wasn't something I could not reverse and promptly hit the <skip> button. Of course a quick note about what and why I was logging on would have been OK. Come to think of it, that entire process was like that. Glad I was at home to do the upgrade/update considering the size and amount of time to do it all.

    It looks to me like there are a ton of things in there different. Some are subtle, some not so much. I've got several apps of the same sort of functions (flixter, IMDB in an "entertainment" folder. The folder has been replaced with an icon that seems to look like the love child of all the apps within.
  4. acoolphone

    acoolphone Newbie

    Mine updated via Kies and agree, all the ATT preloaded apps that can't get rid of without roots are a pain in the !@#
  5. viisign

    viisign Member

    i got that update as well. but i didn't update.i don't think i should. everytime i update my phones something seems to mess up. so im satisfied with the ics. the rugby pro is so much better then the rugby smart. people are missing out when it comes to this phone.
  6. TARDISblue

    TARDISblue Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Update your phone. The UI is much more responsive and smooth on JB.
  7. You guys are Lucky :)

    Telus Canada, still doesn't have it...
  8. viisign

    viisign Member

    nah cause my phone is smooth and responsive already. i'm happy with what i have. when i had the samsung rugby smart,i was not happy with gingerbread.it was terrible.i like ics.

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