Help OK Google from screen not working in Xiaomi Redmi Note 4g

Hello ... I am using Redmi Note 4g , and wanted to use the feature of "OK Google from anywhere" in my device. I trying to activate the same ... Surfing through the settings of the Google app and clicking on the "OK Google detection" option after that selected the "from anywhere" option it took to a onscreen training but when I started with it it guided me to say "OK Google " 3 times... But it keeps on showing Listening ... But it doesn't respond.


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It should have a mic since it's a phone, and I assume it's working OK for phone calls. But since this is quite a recent Chinese phone, no Google in China, could be an issue/bug with it and Google, and needs a bug-fix update. I presume the Redmi came with Google services and it isn't a PRC version. Xiaomi devices come with a heavily modified version of Android called MIUI.
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