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Support Ok, here we go. Common or not?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vladoS4, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. vladoS4

    vladoS4 Member
    Thread Starter

    May 27, 2013
    Hi everyone,

    well, I wrote few days ago about problem with my Samsung Galaxy s4. The problem was lag. Phone was lagging unbelievably. More about it, you can read here, and it would be good idea since it introduce you to the problem I have.


    I did everything trying to fight this nasty lag. I removed almost every app from my phone and it didn't change. I ended up deleting apps I use every day such as facebook. And it was disappointing to have this amazing device.

    Well, I have discovered how to stop lag.
    Namely, I had to turn all sensors off (smart stay, smart pause, smart scroll air view, air gestures, multi window) in order to stop lag. Now when I turned them off, device works pretty fine.
    I mean, is that happening to someone else? By buying the device I also bought sensors, why should I keep them off in order to stop lag? Not OK for me.
    Is it common for this device or should I write to the place I bought my phone because my phone has a bug ?

    Please help me out.
    I'm new Android user and this is my first Android phone.

    Thanks in advance :)


  2. DanDroide

    DanDroide Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome,
    I have NO Lag, but I have all the things you have mentioned shut off except Air Gesture > (Sub Category) Quick Glance. Quick Glance allows me to run my hand over my phone to see what time, charging level, if I have any notifications/messages ...all while the phone was off and face up. I use that one when I wake up in the middle of the night.

    I also have S-Voice disabled from the Home Button. And I have the animations shut off too.
  3. Turbodc2

    Turbodc2 Well-Known Member

    Jul 14, 2012
    I have minimal lag, but everything other than smart stay, multi window, and s voice are off. I turn things on as I think I may need them. Also, the new update that America hasn't received yet is suppose to fix most of the lag, or so I've heard.
  4. Digital

    Digital Member

    Apr 16, 2010
    Web Ninja / Photographer
    Rhode Island
    I had some lag when I has multi window turned on. I turned it off and removed a few apps and the lag went away. Maybe it's just multi-window being a problem child?
  5. Tsepz_GP

    Tsepz_GP Well-Known Member

    Jul 12, 2010
    Digital marketing intern
    Johannesburg, South Africa
    No lag on mine and Ive got most things on except the Smart Screen features and S Voice. I've been running XXUAMDE since launch day when I got my S4 and upto this morning when I got an OTA Update to XXUAMDK which is even better.
  6. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Well-Known Member

    Jan 12, 2010
    Process Engineer
    Winston-Salem, NC
    I have all the crap turned on and have no lag at all. When I first got the phone, I had issues with WiFi connectivity. I tried everything that I knew to try and nothing worked. I had just gotten the phone so it should have been "like out of the box," so my next step was to take it back to the store and get it replaced. Just to see, I did a hard reset. Evidently, when you take the phone out of the box is not the same as a "like out of the box" provided by a hard reset. I have no lag, my WiFi issues are gone and the phone, which I was impressed with originally, really impressed me at that point. All that said, try a hard reset. It is a pain in the butt, but may be worth it. It was for me.


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