Ok I decided on the Inspire 4G


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...... FOR NOW :)

I called AT&T and found out that I am eligible for an upgrade even though my upgrade date isn't until August. I need a new toy to play with so I figured why not buy the Inspire on Sunday for $99 and then give it the prerequisite 30 day test drive until the Atrix is released.

Their system is still showing Feb 14 for pre-sale and a sale date starting March 6, so that will put my 30 day trial period right on the cusp of the Atrix's release.

It's a win-win scenario.


I was thinking of doing the same thing. Then I thought, "what if the Atrix gets pushed back?" I'm just not really believing anything until it's on their site.


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I'm very meticulous when it comes to my phones. i treat my phones better than I treat my wife lol