Help Ok Iam seeing Evos with 2.3 what the hell


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So I looked up Evo running 2.3 on youtube and there a million people already with it. How is this possible when I havent gotten the firmware update. And they arent really showing the amazing tweaks just the minor visual ones. Can some let me know whats up with and I know its kind of a noob question.
:)google releases their code to developers way before it becomes released to the public. developers usually put out beta versions for testing, if you are rooted you can get in on a nightly or beta rom thats why some things may not be fully functional (gps, 4g. hdmi), but there is some beta versions with some or most things working that are pretty close to stable and people use as a daily.

if you are rooted developers most likely send updates before they become public..;)

-being rooted is awesome!