Root OK, so my problem happened on superbowl day


ok, so my problem happened on superbowl day. i rooted my phone using gingerbreak thru thr phone off of . i download it a couple months back and worked fine. i was on instagram and suddenly it said error has occured force close so i closed it. and then i went to view my gallery and it mentioned the same thing so i closed that and then my phone shut off and when i truned it back on it was stuck at the virgin mobile startup logo . so i went to recovery and wiped factory reser and cache. but it still was stuck at the vm logo. i been searching online for months and i cant seem to help my phone. i can also get into recovery and emergency mode. but my recovery only has 4 options. 1. reboot system now 2.wipe data/factory reset 3.apply 4. wipe cache partiton so can anyone please help me!!:( lg optimus v


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Go to the All Things Root Guide sticky. The ZV9 update guide. Run the update twice. If that doesn't work , the KDZ Unbrick guide. If that doesn't work there is one more, but it will cause you to lose the data signal (actual phone and sms will work, but no data or mms).
Try very hard to follow the instruction as closely as you can.