Help Okay, the techno idiot has rooted, Now What???

Well, I finally got the courage and rooted my phone and it was way, way easier than I ever thought possible. I am on At&t and so have the 317. I guess I rooted because I do what the multi-tasking etc.

The phone is working fine as is. I've already removed some of the bloatware i.e. at&t navigator. Why would I pay for a service that I can get for free from google or WisePilot that is a one time fee for the life of the phone and works great!!!! Even Mapquest does a great job.

At any rate, now it's time to install a custom rom or is that flash a custom rom. I've got cleanrom 3.3 dogeared but want to explore my options. I want the best rom that will give me multi tasking etc. I've also seen Omega Rom but it keeps saying its for 7100 which is the international version so not sure about that.

Right now, I have go launcher installed over touch whiz. Basically, I like go launcher because you can transition screens in different ways. I guess I like the flashy stuff but then again, I could do fine with just plain touch whiz.

So I'm looking for custom rom referrals which are stable, easily used by techno idiot and has the bennies of multi-tasking etc, ability to store apps on sd card, etc.

Also, if I were to install cleanrom 3.3 could I still run go launcher over it as I do touch whiz???

These are the directions for installing clean rom.


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Titanium backup is an app to backup/restore your applications and settings, it is not TWRP.
I TWRP is a custom recovery that allows you to wipe cache, system, backup/restore your entire device, and flash ROMs and modifications.

Rooting and installing a ROM are not the same, to install the ROM you have to have a custom recovery such as TWRP or CWM.


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Kool Kat2 covered most of this, but OP I understand your confusion, I too was lost for a minute and spent the better part of Christmas Eve researching XDA threads and watching videos. I still dont have it down completely but I can help you with the parts that confused me most, finding and installing TWRP! After you root, you must go the play store and download Goomanager.

After launching goomanager you press menu and there is an option to -install open recovery script- that is what you must select to install TWRP(TeamWinRecoveryProject).

After you download TWRP to your phone on the Home page of goomanager there is an option to -reboot recovery- Everytime I pressed this I got a warning that scared the life out of me so I refused to proceed until I watched a youtube video that showed it was the next step. The screen will go blank and the phone will boot into recovery mode with a TEAMWIN logo on the screen. This is where all the magic happens. There are several options on this page from backing up to factory reset, and installing custom roms. The roms you get from XDA and the web(I use XDA to make sure they are for our phone and have been tested). It should get easier from there. Hope this helps. If I find the youtube video that helped me, Ill post a link. I believe its on this forum somewhere.