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old addresses in the mail app

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by sadzwonek, May 10, 2021.

  1. sadzwonek

    sadzwonek Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i installed a new mail app. i was- i am surprised to see by contacts my old mail addresses which i don't use
    for a long time. these are my questions: 1.why this app shows these addresses, why the other apps- don't?
    2.where comes these addresses from? 4.what/who keeps them?
    3.i try to delete these addresses in this app but it's not possible!
    4.i installed this app on my tablet and my smartphone, both android 11. on these two devices it's the same situation.5. where can i have access to find and delete them- on google/android?
    these are My addresses so i have the right to have access and to do with them what I want, right?

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  2. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    A lot of apps -- the Phone app, an email app, text messaging app, etc -- use your contacts list as the primary reference on who or what services you interact with. Open up your Contacts app and see if those out-of-date addresses are there, and then edit or delete them accordingly.

    The Contacts app relies upon a hidden, contacts list database file. The easiest way to work with your contacts list is to just use Contacts app. If you have your Contacts synced with your Google account, you can also edit your contacts listing remotely by logging into your Google account and going to:
    Or the same applies to if you're using an Outlook email account instead, or whatever online service that also has an extensive online webmail service.

    Or if you don't want this new email app you've installed to access any and all of the Contacts list on your phone, go into your Settings >> Apps menu, find and open this email app's entry, and go into the Permissions menu and disable it from using Contacts.
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  3. sadzwonek

    sadzwonek Lurker
    Thread Starter

    1. it's pity you did not answer all my questions. i was, i am curious about them.this is what i have expected here. 2.i don't use the contacts app in android. at google site contacts i have only one address! 3.your last advice - i don't need to disable access to contacts. this does not solve my problem. i need to delete these addresses. i want to get rid of them for good...
  4. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    Well to be fair you also didn't give much information: you didn't say which email app,, which permissions you have granted it, which email service you were using, and you didn't say that you don't store contacts on your device (which, lets face it, is very unusual). All anyone can do is make best guesses based on the information you provide. And if you reply with the wrong tone (e.g. the first sentence here reads as highly passive-aggressive, which I hope was not your intention) you simply put others off attempting to help you.

    So my best guess, given this new information, is that they came from the email account you connected the app to. Android apps are sandboxed so one app can't just read another app's private data (unless you grant it admin privileges, which unless you are rooted you cannot do). Where data are intended to be shared between apps they are stored in particular databases with an API to request access (e.g. contacts, SMS). So if we can rule out the contacts database, and assuming you don't have a copy of your old contacts lying around in the generally-accessible part of the storage (e.g. a vcard file on an SD card, which any app could read), the most obvious source of information is the email account that you connect the app to. That may have a contacts list of its own in the provider's servers, even if you don't sync that with the Contacts app, or conceivably the email app may have gone through that account's mailboxes and compiled its own contacts list from the addresses it found there. Remember that many email apps that offer "extra" services do so by routing your mail through the email app provider's servers and analysing the mail in some way (and they don't always spell out clearly to potential users what they do).

    If we can rule out the one standard place where contacts are stored, which you seem to be saying is the case, and the same app does the same thing on more than one device, which makes the "ad hoc" answer of there being some other contact source lying around on your device less likely, then it seem to me that the account you connect the app to is the most likely source. But there's not enough information to be certain, this is just thinking through what's possible.
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  5. sadzwonek

    sadzwonek Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I did not expect that my reaction at the beginning of my text could be perceived in this way. I'm a very nice guy by nature and I'm sorry that my style was arrogant, which I certainly didn't mean. Thank you very much for this interesting information. It looks like the whole thing is not as simple as I thought before. I do not know if it makes sense to give the names of the apps I use.as we already know, one app provides these addresses, another - no. what it depends on, I do not know. the makers of this app i use and show these addresses will add the future that i - we can delete them,at last because they had a lot of complaints. I still don't understand/know why I can't /may not delete them myself in the app itself or somewhere else..where? .

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