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Old droid 11GB, New Droid 1GB???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by potatolover1102, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. potatolover1102

    potatolover1102 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 9, 2009
    Houston, Texas
    So I have had my droid since launch day and usually had enormous data usage from 7Gb-11Gb on average. I was never rooted or tethered and used wi-fi anywhere I could including for Pandora at home. I just got a brand new droid since my headphone jack went out and they ran out of refurbished units so I got a new box with all accessories so I have two batteries now lol. Anyways I am at 1.04 GB in two weeks when I have always been at 4-5GB at this point at the very least. What the heck was wrong with my old one and why would this change. Also does this explain why some of us have crazy usage and others barely any?


  2. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Dec 7, 2009

    Have you downloaded every app that you had on your old droid onto your new Droid? You're usage might have changed but we can't really tell since it's only been 2 weeks since you have had your new Droid. It's hard to compare usage since you don't have access to your old phone anymore. I would just sit back and enjoy your new Droid that uses less data. haha

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