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Old emails keep getting deleted

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rcjr, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. rcjr

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    I have a S2 and am using the standard android email program with time warner/ roadrunner (pop3) email. The issue I am having is emails that I am trying to save (after being read) keep getting deleted as new mail comes in. It only happens occasionally but it seems that occasionally, the phone email program queries the server and retrieves emails which I have already read and deleted. I will look at the phone and notice 25 new emails after maybe there was 5 or 6 saved. The new 25 wipe out the 5 or 6 which I had saved.

    When the new 25 come in, I note that many are ones I have already read and deleted, maybe earlier in the day. As I say there is no rhyme or reason to when this occurs. I may be able to save the emails for 5 days then all of a sudden, they are gone and all the new emails have come in.

    I have the device set to not delete the mail from the servers. There are no other folders available within the android email program other than the trash folder. Any ideas??? thx

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