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Old Phone Ringtones

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by wanderer1479, Jun 6, 2017.

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    I want to present this cool app to you. It was inspired by vintage phones and thanks to it you will have the coolest ringtones ever. :)

    We all like sound of an old phone, do we? Well, now you can have it on your device as well. Enjoy!

    Download here: https://goo.gl/Mngnpe

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Old Phone Ringtones

Old Phone Ringtones Forum


If you are nostalgic and if you like the old phone ringtones sounds, we prepare especially for you new old phone ringtones app. Old phone app contains high quality sounds of old phone rings. Download for free this old phone app and remind the retro sounds of the past. Enrich your Android with this awesome cool collection of free old ringtones and old phone tones. Pick something from the past and grab right now latest old phone soundboard with top nostalgic ringtones, popular antique phone ringtones, cool retro ringtones or old phone bells tones. It is extremely cool nowadays to have your mobile ringing as an antique phone. These nostalgic old phone ringtones brings memories back for everyone around you. Set some of plenty different top old sounds as ringtone, sms, notification sounds or relaxing old phone alarm tone. If you want to be the most popular guy in school then you should most definitely have one of those rotary phone sounds. If you like to hear the sound of the retro phone or popular old phone bell, download old phone ringtones app right now. Old telephones are back in the game! Assign different old phone ringtone for each contacts from your cell or tablet keyboard and choose from an extensive selection of various free old phone melodies. Some of them are: old telephone, classic phone, fax sound, digital phone and many other cool sounds. With this great old telephone ringtones app you can download free ringtones and make your modern phone sound like those old grandma phones, or old school devices. Have fun with these funny ringtones. Prepare to be the center of attention every time when your phone rings, or when you receive sms or notification. This retro app can be interesting for you to play old phone games on your smartphone or tablet, dialing and changing many different free antique tones. Grab a piece of nostalgia with classic ringtones of the past. Enjoy the old style phone sounds and download these old Ringtones app now, completely for free, and share it with your friends! This awesome free android app is divided into two sections. First section covers latest ringtones that you can install as a ringtone, or assign cool ringtones to each of your contacts! The next section contains amazing sms sounds and notification sounds. After you have listened to all ringtones and melodies, you can separate best ringtones into favorite folder. Don’t forget to use more apps button to see what else we offer to you and be sure to have always the best sounds for your android device! Main Features: Set as ringtone Asign to contacts Choose favorite Set as message tone, notification or alarm Sound used in app are under public domain license and/or Creative Commons’ license App is tested on many Android devices

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