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Old times Die hard

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Biotic, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Biotic

    Biotic Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    How many of you are still here? I had a request to finish Bionx. Dk if or when i get to it but if its a high demand, will do.

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  2. mkelly18

    mkelly18 Newbie

    I just got an ally as a christmas present from a friend :) You don't have to ask me if you should finish it!
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  3. shag04

    shag04 Newbie

    Still here
  4. Biotic

    Biotic Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Im in the progress of building a new toolkit for the Android 4.0+ users so il have to backport to you guys. To bad i dont have the time to build an ICS build for Ally users (Found the code and possibilities) but not enough users or support for it.

    Il have something for you guys when i finish the Bionx Dashboard (New tookit)
  5. ZeroZeroOne

    ZeroZeroOne Newbie

    For what it's worth, I still check in now and then.

  6. PunjabiRemiix

    PunjabiRemiix Well-Known Member

    id like to see one! i can help compile and test if you want? one of my friends, helped fix the audio routing problem for GB! even though i have a s3 lol. it would be cool!
  7. Biotic

    Biotic Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    If the audio problem was corrected, wheres the build for the community?

    Like i said, The ICS project would be private and difficult but possible and i wont be doing it any time soon. It would be for unnactivated users probably as well.

    The rom update will just improve the Ally and update features and options but nothing more. No ETA
  8. PunjabiRemiix

    PunjabiRemiix Well-Known Member

    I'll post the flashable zip if I can find it. I'm still getting in contact with my friend. But the camera is broken
  9. Biotic

    Biotic Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Post it if yah find it in my Forums for the gingerbread roms.

    Il still base this update on froyo, just il improve it the best i can this time
  10. PunjabiRemiix

    PunjabiRemiix Well-Known Member

    cant post it in your forum, thread is locked :p.

    So ill Just post it here!

    This zip will fix the audio routing, well most of it.

    The Auxilary out doesnt work.
    Headphones worked great on my end.
    Camera doesn't take pictures, but video recording works. (Dont know how to fix it)

    Zip: kamesh kernel for lg ally.zip

    Edit: i have a CM7.2 build, not booting dont know (n00b) .. also it be cool to see a 2.2.3 stock base up ;)
  11. radorix

    radorix Newbie

    Thought i posted in here last night but i guess I didnt I recently replaced my Ally with a Razr M as did the rest of my family. However I wouldnt mind a good standalone rom for it as i could always reflash it to a working state if i needed to use the phone in a pinch like say fishing where i didnt want to have the chance of screwing over my razr
  12. PunjabiRemiix

    PunjabiRemiix Well-Known Member

    Got CM7.2 booting. Working fine, feels smoother. Still some bugs. Also ported LewaOS, runs fabulously for this old phone. Will put some builds up soon if anyone wants.
  13. Biotic

    Biotic Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I do have a 2.3 base

    If you can have your buddy compile a kernel for ICS, Il find you the repo to start setting up for the ally for an ICS build.
  14. PunjabiRemiix

    PunjabiRemiix Well-Known Member

    I'll post some when I get home.

    EDIT: CM7.2 Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/76jcxj

    Same bugs as far as i can tell. Camera doesnt work, recorder should. Screen off animation doesnt either.

    EDIT #2: LewaOS Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/k6qemd

    Same Bugs from CM7.2.

    Also Biotic if you can find me the Repo, im getting in contact with some friends to get the ICS or .35 Kernel.
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  15. Biotic

    Biotic Android Expert
    Thread Starter


    If yah need help, let me know. I cannot repo anymore do to bandwidth and service providers
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  16. PunjabiRemiix

    PunjabiRemiix Well-Known Member

    I'll start in a bit. Probably will involve A LOT of edits.
  17. Biotic

    Biotic Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    GSM vs CDMA um yes? lol

    Hardware acceleration (Video, Rptatiom, ect)
    Vendor files
    Perferably an AOSP build for the because of memory issues. Least amount of extras as possible to save on Ram, CPU consumption, and Memory usage. May have to switch the device memory to read off of thw users SDcard.
  18. PunjabiRemiix

    PunjabiRemiix Well-Known Member

    It most likely be easier if we compiled from Optimus V(CDMA). As long as it can boot, it should give more room. As for memory issues other phones partitioned SD card to gain more memory.
  19. Biotic

    Biotic Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    p500 has a similar chipset tho
  20. PunjabiRemiix

    PunjabiRemiix Well-Known Member

    Oh. The Optimus V has a msm7627 processor, like the Ally. P500 should be easier maybe.
  21. Biotic

    Biotic Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    True but possibly a memory killer?
    Who knows, pick a host and try it out.

    BTW, Cleaner,Faster, build of Bionx will be available soon, stay tuned.
  22. deadcereal

    deadcereal Newbie

    I guess this is the best place for this... just to let you know, after flashing that zip, audio routing has been slightly improved. Without anything plugged in audio plays through the back speaker, like it should. With regular headphones (with no mic and a standard TRS connector) audio goes to the front earpiece instead of the headphones. This is still broken. However when i use my headphones with a built in mic (TRRS connector) audio goes to the headphones. Get the regular headphones working and this will be a very solid rom for what i want to use my ally for.
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  23. PunjabiRemiix

    PunjabiRemiix Well-Known Member

    Yeah, something wrong with the drivers.
    EDIT: gonna start this today and see what happens .
  24. PunjabiRemiix

    PunjabiRemiix Well-Known Member

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  25. blackice101

    blackice101 Lurker

    Just want to voice my enthusiastic support for completion of this rom :)

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