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Olympus f6 New Car Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by bandersnatch, Oct 4, 2014.

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    Hi. I'm having a new car/bluetooth/phone issue. I have two metro pcs lg phones. My LG Motion, and my wife's LG Olympus f6. Both phones pair successfully with our new '15 Subaru Forester. However, while the lg motion works flawlessly and as it should with the new vehicle's blueconnect, when paired with the Olympus f6, the audio stays with the headset and never switches over to the car stereo. The Olympus will dial using steering wheel controls, but again wont get the audio over the car stereo. The only other thing I've noticed is on my lg motion while paired with the car I can dial on my phone and the car will pick it up as it should. When I do this on the lg olympus f6 the car doesnt pick it up. Any dial attempts while paired with the Olympus f6 has to be done on the steering wheel controls and not via the handset. It seems like it wants to work but there some hidden mute somewhere unknown to me and its making me nutty.

    I've been to MetroPCS and they said their have been no reported problems with this handset and pairing to other vehicles. They suggested a factory reset which I just did to no avail. Also, there's really not a lot of setting options to fool around with. I've checked unchecked music audio/handset audio. I've deleted the original pairing and repaired. It's just seems weird I have two similar phones, on the same network, and the newer of the two is the one that doesn't work correctly with the newer vehicle.

    Any insight on this would be appreciated. Is there a bluetooth app that may give me more control? Neither of these two phones are rooted. Would that maybe help the Olympus f6?

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