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Support OMFG What is wrong with this POS now?!?!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rachel_Baldes, Sep 14, 2012.

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    Sep 13, 2012

    Sep 13, 2012
    right now a SAHM...sometimes good, sometimes NOT

    Okay, I've had this phone since November of last year and I REALLY loved it, for at least the first 6 months. But the love is going away baby, I may have to leave this phone behind...after hammering it to bits and backing over it with my car, and throwing it into Best Buy.
    First issue was easy but irritating...the wifi/MMS thing? What's up with that? But it was a quick fix and then about 10 days ago my phone just started losing it. No wait...I started losing it because my phone is ****ED up.
    Okay...the call volume screen stays on constantly...it might decide to go down to mid volume but mostly it stays at MAX volume and it NEVER leaves the screen unless I am making a call, which sometimes it won't doesn't let me do because it still stays on the screen and when I try to go to my contacts it acts like I haven't pushed the contacts button.
    That was enough for me so I repeatedly and with great hope "soft" reset it only about 50 different times. I cleaned the keyboard (and when I say clean I mean with compressed air and alcohol pads- not really wet pads either), I cleaned all the jacks and flaps and I spent a long time trying to make sure grit or something wasn't under the volume control and that was causing the whole problem. But I can press the volume buttons, NOTHING happens when I do that, but they are not stuck or anything. When that didn't work I did a "hard" reset after hooking the phone to my desktop computer and getting all my 16 month old daughter's pictures off of it. There were a lot (like 1300 and I erase them after I post them to facebook or email them or whatever) so I thought getting all these photos that weren't showing up in my gallery anymore off the phone would help.
    No. No it got worse when I restarted it (and now all the ringtones are horrible noisy (EXTRA LOUD too) ) now I can barely send text messages. like it takes me 30 minutes to send a text message because the "copy" "paste" "select all" "cut all" etc screen pops up when I am writing a text and just wreaks havoc, chaos...Today I got ONE text sent. I can receive them...but replying it's become easier to call back. And I don't like that! Also the phone just phantom calls various contacts, usually the ones I called last...but it will do it just sitting on the counter and I have no idea it's happening. Then when someone calls me, the phone usually doesn't ring! It wants to beat FULL VOLUME at all times except when I would like to know I have a call.
    Also any pictures I know take do not show up in the gallery, old pictures show up...ones I am pretty sure I deleted from the sd card...but I guess maybe the phone only likes my baby when she was younger. This may be my fault somehow (the picture thing, maybe a bit of all of it, but I've tried everything I know to do!) Can anyone help or is this love affair on the rocks for good?

    Also, I'm SORRY this is such a long post...but that is as short as I could get it! <3


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