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omg..i want my iphone 4 back

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zpzgclan, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. zpzgclan

    zpzgclan Newbie
    Thread Starter

    so i had a iphone 4 and returned it in order to get a captivate. i paid $230 for everything including phone+tax+upgrade fee.
    now im hearing that the captivate is almost becoming a free phone...
    iphone still has a very high resale value.. and it will continue until the next model comes out..but for captivate... not even a month after its release it is garbage.
    i coulda sold the iphone 4 for $700~800 and get the captivate for $49.99 at amazon.com.. then i coulda made some profit... now its a loss..a depreciation loss..
    sorry for my english

  2. Aerimus

    Aerimus Well-Known Member

    Look, there are plenty of valid arguments for using an iphone 4 or a captivate. Both are great phones. However, this srsly is a poor one? Use the phone that you like the most, and worry about resale later...the iphone 4 price will come down as it becomes more and more available around the world. I know, I've sold one...for 750 :). I've also sold a ton of older iphones and they lose their value in the second half of their cycle quite a bit. $700 now is half that in 6 months.
  3. JDM9499

    JDM9499 Member

    The iphone 4's price holds strong because of it's demand. Just as the 3Gs is still holding good value on Ebay.

    However, that does not in any way, shape or form make the Captivate more worse than the iPhone 4. Lets be realistic about that. :cool:
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  4. zpzgclan

    zpzgclan Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i agree with you guys.. im not saying that the captivate is inferior to iphone 4 . its absolutely a awesome phone in terms of its specs... but its just that i feel like im losing money haha..
  5. CoMaToast

    CoMaToast Well-Known Member

    can you find a captivate online to bu withOUT a contract renewal? Im assuming if they are selling these for 50 bucks you should easily be able to find them for 200 outright

    Dont feel bad man, the captivate will be outdated in 4 months anyways.. dual core 2 Ghz CPUs, 1 GB of RAM and 1080p w/ hdmi are right around the corner ;)
  6. Infinite-t

    Infinite-t Android Enthusiast

    99% of all electronic gadgets are this way, you spend good money on it, and a few months, or even weeks later, there is something bigger, better, faster and the old one isnt worth a damn (at least money wise). Gadget geeks are used to this, its a fact of life.

    Buy the best device you can afford that does the stuff you need it to do and use it until it no longer fits your needs, or you can afford to replace it again... Just like a computer, game console, car, etc..
  7. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert

    just look at the Motorola Driod X Pro (1.3Ghz)..........didn't the Driod X just come out?

    I also hear that the Captivate has been overclocked to 1.2Ghz
  8. TDQuiksilver

    TDQuiksilver Well-Known Member

    I honestly can't believe people actually pay that much for an iPhone. Rediculous.
  9. baddress

    baddress Well-Known Member

    Well, you should be.
  10. TDQuiksilver

    TDQuiksilver Well-Known Member

    :rolleyes: Shouldn't you be hanging out elsewhere then?
  11. baddress

    baddress Well-Known Member

    If he wants his iPhone back, obviously he feels it is superior to the Captivate. Why would you want an inferior product back?
  12. This is like 60% of the reason I'm buying an iPhone 4. If an Android phone tickles my fancy next year, I can sell my iPhone 4 for like $600, and make $100-200 in the process.
  13. TDQuiksilver

    TDQuiksilver Well-Known Member

    Perhaps others feel the opposite?
  14. baddress

    baddress Well-Known Member

    You are not properly understanding what I am writing.
  15. TDQuiksilver

    TDQuiksilver Well-Known Member

    Apparently not. Because your initial statement appeared to be a blatant jab at the Captivate and an all out cheer for the iPhone. *shrug*
  16. Chromag

    Chromag Well-Known Member

    Maybe you should check out his previous posts from his profile. He likes to post how much he hates the Captivate and prefers the iPhone instead... on a Captivate forum.
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  17. jasonsmith

    jasonsmith Newbie

    It seems as though this forum is infected with the "early adopter remorse" virus. The iPhones os was a real treat as well when it first came out, how quick people forget. If you don't have the patience and stomach for these sorta events and yes it is an event then the boring phone is for you.
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  18. kidsavior

    kidsavior Well-Known Member

    Hey we get it you don't like the phone, return it, or bury it or whatever you want to do. But in all honestly I have seen your snarky comments in just about every thread on this forum. You have made your point. Your unhappy. I'm sorry for you. Buy another phone that you like better and complain about it on it's forums.
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  19. mesasone

    mesasone Well-Known Member

    Great, and 5 minutes of battery life to boot.
  20. MikeyMike01

    MikeyMike01 Member

    As the processor, etc. progress, so will the battery life and software to maximize it.

    Besides, the iPhone will get all of those things... a year or two after everyone else. It's easy to make things "just work", when you're using old tried-and-true technology from last year.
  21. baddress

    baddress Well-Known Member

    Can you people even read? Or put together data in context? I never said I loved the iPhone or hated the Captivate. I'm making a comment about the OP who says he wishes he had his iPhone back but he thinks the Captivate is the superior phone. This makes no logical sense.
  22. mesasone

    mesasone Well-Known Member

    There is a reason our desktops do not use 10ghz processors... increasing clockspeed greatly increases power consumption and heat generation - neither of which are conductive to good battery life. You think the Captivate has bad battery life? Just wait until you double the clock speed and add a second core. I'm sure future generations of the ARM architecture will continue to increase per-clock efficiency, though frankly we have all this power and little to do with it already.

  23. I always find these comments funny. What exactly about the iPhone is 1-2 years behind everyone else?
  24. lilo

    lilo Member

    Compared to Captivate:

    GPS chips (I know, the irony - but it's a temporary problem)
    Voice commands/voice to text
    Google Maps
    Google Navigation
    File System (as in saving attachments etc.)
    Flash Card (one wish it would take just 1-2 years)
    Small Screen

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