Jul 6, 2013
East London
I'm sorry! I know that this question has been asked a million times. I have searched out all the relevant posts I can find on the subject. As well as all of the answers that I can make head or tail of. But still the pictures won't go. I have tried removing them from the gallery, Media, Storage. In fact everywhere I could find in 'Settings'. I think that they've gone. But then they always sneak back later.
Why can't it be like the iPhone? Edit-Select-Remove Poof! Gone for good.

I shall now hide under the table, expecting incoming flak at any time.
First go into your Menu/Settings/Google, then click on the Google account and make sure you are not synced for Google photo's and Picasa, uncheck them if they are, then go to Menu/Settings/Application/look for all applications tab, then scroll to the Gallery app, open, wipe cache, then Data, then forceclose, then close out and go back to your galley app and see if your photo's are gone, cheers