One bar or three?


Really weird, but when my phone is in standby, I have one bar. But when I try to connect to a call it jumps up to 3 or 4 bars. Anyone else having this issue or do I have a faulty phone?


My Droid is similar. The bars will float around 1 or 2 and then jump to 3 or 4 whenever I make a call or access data. I've never had a problem with my connection or call quality, so I assume it is working properly. Maybe it is just a minor big for the display of the bars.


By design... it scales the power of the cell radio so as to conserve battery power when you're not in a call... It has full reception, but it doesn't need it, so it power-saves on the cell radio to just have enough signal to get a lock on the tower, then when you get or make a call, send a text, etc, then it powers up and gets full reception...

At least I think that's what's happening, since mine does it too.


Sux when that is happening while using Pandora, it sure takes a long time to switch between songs, and forget high quality setting on 1x. I wish there was a way to force 3G if it is in range, the data rate is reall much faster (obviously).

EDIT: I am referring to when it sporadically switches from 1X to 3G