One LED light only works...


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Tonight i'm smoking a cigarette, i know its bad, and when i go to put it out my bucket for my butts are gone. Damn dogs in the neighborhood took the thing. So i have a flashlight app from the market installed. While looking for my bucket, i noticed the LED light on my phone isnt as bright as it use to be. I turn the phone around and to my surprise one of the LED lights is off. The one on the bottom to be exact. So out of curiosity i try out the camera with flash. Same issue. The bottoms LED light is gone. So i'm taking my phone back to Sprint for this minor inconvience. Has anyone else have one of their LEDs go out. Im kind of bummed since the release of Froyo is tuesday.

BTW, my usb port is also extremely loose. The cable tends to disconnect itself with the slightest touch. Hopefully they will see this as a defect.

One more thing...
Hardware version 0003
Release day phone
Never rooted
Stock 2.1


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Hopefully they will exchange with a new one. Im not down for a refurbished. I wonder if mines is a isolated issue. I rarely use the flashlight app.