Root One more Samsung Galaxy Indulge root


Feb 28, 2013
Can someone please upload or tell me where to get the files to root the Samsung Galaxy Indulge??? My mother is a little slow when it comes to technology :eek: but she hates all the metro pcs apps so she constantly keeps bugging me to take them off:( can ANYONE please help me so i can stop her complaints... I would appreciate it very much:D
I tried this and it says that the it could not be downloaded because the source file could not be read... what is the reason??? how can i get this phone rooted???
that link gets you to the page where you can find many programs, tutorials to do what you want

when you say you tried, what did you do? what program?
I tried the first link under guide that is for root and it doesn't work... check yourself, try downloading them and tell me your results
I just remembered (a little late sorry) my antivirus marked the "" as containing a virus the first time and blocked me from accessing it. I don't believe it is infected or people here would have made a fuss, but the antivirus reads something in there as a possible threat... I had to tell it to ignore and not quarantine that file the first time so I could unzip it.... it ignores it every time now, I forgot what I had to do the first time..sorry