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One X has died twice

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by carwacster, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. carwacster

    carwacster Member
    Thread Starter

    My one X has mysteriously died twice - well it would appear due to the battery.

    I'm not even using it as a phone yet as my desire contract lasts for another month.

    When viewing battery usage dialer is showing 47% please explain!!!

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  2. Sauske

    Sauske Android Enthusiast

    Defect! Return your phone!
  3. s.m.knipe

    s.m.knipe Android Expert

    factory reset that bad boy (it may or may not help, but may be simpler than a return)
  4. Boastie

    Boastie Lurker

    Just pulled my one x out of my pocket and it was roasting hot...Now it is dead??

    Plugged it in to see if it will charge and nothing....oh oh

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