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OneNote - now with pen support

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by davidfarquhar, Sep 24, 2014.

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    I use S-note for my note taking at work and it is generally ok. The big thing it has is support for the pen, mostly for drawing and writing direct on to the screen which are big winners for me as a replacement for a notepad. However it is also slow to use at times, and crashes reasonably often

    I had tried OneNote in the past but it didn't support the pen so I stopped pretty quickly. The latest release however is much better. It now supports a pen for drawing, with different presets available and a good highlighter option.

    Text support is excellent, more like a mini word processor and you have the option to add tags to different bits of text. It also syncs with their cloud solution, and this works really well for me. I can be in a meeting taking handwritten notes, tagging the odd bit of text as well, and then a few minutes later I can be back at my desk and seamlessly adding extra notes to the same document using the web or desktop version. That's really powerful stuff for me, no worrying about how to access my s-note files on a PC and having to export them.

    Today I have some meetings, I can start up the OneNote file on the PC, add some notes which will be synced on to the tablet in advance. It is very seamless

    One other big thing I noticed after using it loads yesterday was I didn't have a totally flat battery after the day. S-Note seems to always run at full brightness and ignores the auto brightness, which chews up the battery. It was nice to get home with half a battery still there.

    So a big thumbs up from me for OneNote in its latest guise. Since I only started using it again by accident I thought I would share it here in case anyone else thinks it might be worth trying.

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