OnePlus 2 WiFi Issue


Hi guys,

I received my OP2 on Tuesday and out of the box it worked amazing. No issues, even when I upgraded to 2.2.0 two days ago it worked fine. I then had an issue with my Wifi extender, and to make it short I had to factory reset it. Everyone on my network at home (3 people all different devices) are able to connect to my main router downstairs and the extender. My OP2 however cannot connect to either and is having a huge problem right now. When I try and connect it shows obtaining IP, and then connected. But then when I go back into the wifi settings it shows obtaining Ip again and its like it's stuck in a loop.

So I tried everything and researched for hours. I tried Wifi off, airplane mode, clear cache, Wifi fixer apps, nothing works. So I thought as last resort I would factory reset which i did, but the problem still is here and is the same. I cannot connect to any wifi spots in my phone and everyone