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OnePlus developing ROM to replace Color OS for 1+2, is turning a profit

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CafeKampuchia, Oct 28, 2014.

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    This is good news. When I first started hearing rumblings about this, people were speculating that OnePlus was ditching Cyanogenmod, which I think would be a huge mistake. I'm glad they are getting rid of ColorOS instead.

    It's also nice to hear that they are turning a profit despite slim margins.

    Source: Android Authority

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  2. KOLIO

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    This makes a LOT of sense for several reasons,one of the main ones being that the next phone built by OnePlus will ship w/an O/S that is actually designed for the phone.

    With the current 1+1,it is manufactured & loaded up w/ COLOR O/S,all 1+1's are,regardless of final market destination & then the ones destined for outside of China are loaded up w/CYANOGEN 11S.

    Having an O/S that is built from the ground-up specifically for the 1+2 should result in a device w/a better user experience out of the gate,requiring fewer updates to fine tune the experience.


    Upon further review,it looks like more of the same,one O/S for China & another for the rest of the world.

    Either way,CYANOGEN runs nicely on this phone,hope that it's an official ROM for the 1+2.
    At least the updates have rolled out in a timely fashion,can't say the same for most other mfgs................
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