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Nov 30, 2009
18th Hole Of the Golf Course
A family member wants to buy one, and asked me if I had any insights on this Factory Locked device. I don't have any info, so I'm posting here if any of you can shed any light on this device and it's features and any issues and or experience.

I've also noticed there a many models BE 2026, BE 2028, BE2029, nit sure the difference other that probably a Carrier device, Factory Unlocked or an International device.
For those interested, the BE 2026 is Factory Unlocked and the BE 2029 is the International Factory unlocked version, So I;m guessing the BE 2028 is most likely a carrier version.

My family member so far loves the phone. ;)
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My friend has it. He hates the phone but he wants something that is super easy to use, with no learning curve, etc. This is someone who struggles to use the camera. I'm not meaning to slam him or it, just saying. From what I have seen of it, it doesn't look too bad. It has a lot of storage built into it, which somewhat makes up for the bloatware. (ROOT, ROOT, ROOT for our team!) I believe it can also accept sd. The camera is probably mediocre, but then most of them are. As someone on AF said, if you want a camera, get a camera. Bought subsidized from Metro/T Mobile, it's not too expensive.