Help OnePlus Two WORTH ?

Hello All, I own a OnePlus One currently and have owned it for the last 4 months. Its an outstanding phone. But recently my friend has been asking me to sell it to him. I am able to sell it to him for €200. On the other hand I can buy a OnePlus Two for €360 from another friend (its used for 2 months). So the price difference here between the 2 phone is €160.

I am wondering is it WORTH getting the OnePlus Two ? is it WORTH the extra €160 ? I've seen a couple of different reviews and benchmarks online on both phones and am suprised to find out that the OnePlus One sometimes even beats the OnePlus Two.

I don't require the dual sim on the OnePlus Two, just wondering in terms of future proofness, is it a better phone ? is it WORTH the €160 ?