OnePlus unsatisfactory. Need something else, but what?


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Jan 23, 2013
In some ways, a continuation of this thread. Help - Upgrade or service loss deadline approaching


After as long, simply, I'm very disappointed in my Nord N20. Battery life is still not anywhere near where it should be. This summer has already had me encounter a few too many times during my work day where the battery percentage is not only far too low, but where even when I can plug it in to charge, it actively refusing to get a full charge in.

Also, it having this frustrating behavior where it'll show me a full signal bar, but then an exclamation point in the icon. When this happens, I can't do anything data related at all. I sometimes even wonder if I can't get an incoming call when this happens. And it never corrects itself; I always have to reboot the thing in order to have a usable signal again.

I could maybe do more sleuthing to figure out what in the actual is going on, but I can't root it either. XDA can't be arsed to make a usable root method. Couple that with OnePlus also forcing system updates on me like this is still on contract (reminder: I bought this dumb thing retail and unlocked), I can't get it rooted and I can't fix the busted software either.

Side bar: why was XDA allowed to have a monopoly on who is allowed to root their phones or not? It's absurd that they are allowed to have root guides for pixels before they make it to store shelves but I can't get a root on a OnePlus or even a Samsung to save my literal life. But I digress...

T-Mobile itself just says I basically have to replace the phone; as even replacing the SIM twice over hasn't made a difference. Which... fine, I did buy the replacement plan at Best buy. The problem is...

What can I get instead, that would solve any of this? Would have to be from whatever is in stock with them, naturally. I can't really afford the downtime to wait for them to ship whatever to me.
You'll have to be more specific.

What model(s) have:
Headphones jack
SD slot
Support for actual rooting?

Last I checked, Samsung actively chased away root functionality the same time they nuked replacement batteries, as of the S6. Conveniently before they made the explosive that is the Note 7.
The newest Samsung phone that has a headphone jack and micro sd would be the A14 5g. Rooting is probably difficult at best. It came out in January 2023 and is available through T-Mobile.

Options other than Samsung could be TCL or the REVVL line of phones that have those same features. Not sure if rooting is possible on any of them.
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