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OnePlus update schedule explained

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ironass, Dec 22, 2018.

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    One of the questions that is most often asked, is... "When will I get an update?"

    Well, Brian Yoon of OnePlus has attempted to throw some light on the update process.

    These are a rough guide only as we have already seen 6 stable firmware versions since launch for the 6T.

    "Closed Beta
    (~4 updates per month)
    This is where all OxygenOS code begins. Sometimes, these builds are referred to as “alpha builds.” Here, our software team tests new (and sometimes experimental) code and features. The big goal here is to get initial feedback on new ideas. These builds lack the stability of polished software, but offer early access. New code and features often come to Closed Beta builds weeks or months before going public. In order to receive Closed Beta builds, you have to apply to be a certified Closed Beta tester. This is quite an elite crew, though, as we usually only accept about 60 closed beta testers at any given time.

    Open Beta (Community Builds)
    (~2 updates per month)
    Anyone can try these builds (including you). Once a new feature or change passes initial quality tests in Closed Beta, they’ll be added to Open Beta. The software here is much more stable and less likely to include major bugs, but still not quite ready for final release. To make a long story short, Open Beta is the second, semi-public step for feedback and bug testing, ensuring that only the best code makes it to official release.

    Official Release (OTA)
    (~1 update every 1-2 months)
    This is the final step. Once code has undergone several rounds of internal and community feedback throughout the Closed and Open Beta programs, the best of the best is released on the official version of OxygenOS. These are the updates that you automatically receive via OTA if you don’t opt in to any sort of beta program. In the nutshell, these are the builds that go out to all of our users across the globe. While these builds are stable and polished, the feedback doesn’t stop. We still continue to collect and analyze feature requests and bug reports, and we actually have some big things in the works to make the feedback process even better.

    (~ = approximately)

    Note: the T-Mobile carrier minority variant is not eligible for either the closed Beta or Open Beta testing as they are not running the OnePlus stock global firmware. Also, their stable releases are governed by the T-Mobile (USA) certification process which is slower than the global model and operates a different firmware numbering plan.

    The full post can be viewed, here.

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