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Support Only Mobile Numbers in Default Messenger App

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DrOctagon, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. DrOctagon

    DrOctagon Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 11, 2012
    Is there any way to get the default text messaging app to only display mobile numbers as options when entering recipients? It is really frustrating to have to scroll through a ton of info to get to the mobile numbers or to accidentally text to a landline. Alternatively, is there a way to make sure that the mobile number is listed before any other contact methods?

    Yes, I know that other texting apps allow this, but I don't like them. I like the simple, clean, basic text app. No silly smileys, no silly themes, no bloat, none of that.

    It's unreal that this isn't an option in the settings.


  2. Netcat

    Netcat Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2011
    San Jose, California
    I agree that should be an option. If you start your text message by going to your contacts list, finding who you want and swiping to the left, this might help. Go into your contact information, select a contact that has both a landline and a mobile number, hold down on the mobile number, and select mark as default. Then it will automatically choose the mobile number and not the land-line when you select that contact and swipe to the left.

    But If you start your text messages by going to the messaging application, selecting the compose new text message icon then typing their name, the answer is no. You will get a list that includes all of their mobile and land-line phone numbers and email addresses.
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  3. tyhart44

    tyhart44 Member

    May 21, 2011
    Agree about this, it is pretty embarrassing having to scramble to text you're contacts mobile number immediately to apologize for the incoming text to landline message.

    It's also silly that email addresses are available when you start typing in a contact's name in landscape mode, it removes the number labels (mobile, home, etc.) from the numbers. In today's day and age, I call people in my phone's contact list, not by memorizing their number. I usually have to switch to portrait mode just to see which number is which.

    The above poster is right, going into the contact first solves this, but for some reason my brain just hasn't been programmed that way and I always go into messaging.

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