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Oops - I've made a bit of a boo-boo!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by WhiteChristmas, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. WhiteChristmas

    Thread Starter

    I was using the DeFrost rom and thought I'd give the new HTC sense ROM a try from the xda website. All went well and the ROM worked fine so thought I'd restore all my apps and data via Titanium.

    Oops because there is obviously a conflict (that I really should have thought about) as I get lots of force close errors and the phone now keeps rebooting.

    Is there any way I can restore the previous version of the Sense ROM from the SD card as I can't get to ClockworkMod app?

    If I power up and hold down the down volume key I can enter the recovery mode but get the triangle with the exclamation mark (and as I'm at work, I don't have access to my PC to go through the re-rooting proccess).

    Like I said, I really should have thought about this before restoring - plonker!

    Any help would be appreciated!

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  2. bozzer

    bozzer Newbie

    Have a look at this;

    Manually install the official Froyo build on HTC Desire | Geekword

    Kudos to Evil Genuis for finding this, it alows you to copy the ROM to the SD card and run it installing Froyo 2.2 (same version as the OTA one)

    EDIT: reading your post again, you probably can't do this if you can't get into the HBOOT menue, sry :(
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  3. jason-567

    jason-567 Well-Known Member

    @WhiteChristmas I dont know how to get it back but when you do i would consider using rom manager when you install roms, rom manager allows you to back-up your previous rom, always back-up.
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  4. WhiteChristmas

    Thread Starter

    I have been, and have previous versions backed up. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get to open the clockworkmod rom manager app before the phone restarted. If there was a way of preventing the items that FC the phone from running before I could open it and carry out a restore, it would have been fine

    Followed the link. I didn't realise that when the exclamation mark was on the screen I can press the up volume and power button to get additional options. I did this and recovered an older version of a backup. The first time it didn't work correctly as the touch screen wasn't responding but I was able to navigate with the trackpad to the ClockworkMod app and restore the version again - all working now!!!

    Thanks very much for your help guys, thought I was going to have to re-root tonight!
  5. bozzer

    bozzer Newbie

    Good to hear you are back up and running!
    Which ROM did you go for in the end?
  6. WhiteChristmas

    Thread Starter

    Me too :)

    I've been using, and liking, the DeFrost ROM 2.0 (as per Lekky's tutorial). The only things I miss with the vanilla rom is the ability to look up stuff (share/wikki/copy) in the browser and the camera options. If I could work out how to restore my messages (currently use Handsent) then I'd give the sense one a try again. Just installed DeFrost 2.5a. All good, but can't get the notification LED working.
  7. bozzer

    bozzer Newbie

    Any particular reason for not going with the official ROM?
  8. WhiteChristmas

    Thread Starter

    I gave the Sense ROM (from the xda forums) a go last night and this morning. I had issues with the browser being laggy (not scrolling smoothly) and the contacts weren't linking properly so I gave up and reverted back to DeFrost. It's just my personal preference - I feel that vanilla android looks a bit more polished with its black backgrounds instead of white.

    I'm not knocking the Sense interface, there are some really nice touches that I do miss, like the ability to cut and paste iphone style, and all the camera options (face detection, 720p recording, etc).

    But I am fickle so will no doubt keep changing my mind... :)

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