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[OPEN-BETA] Field Recorder

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by PVD, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. PVD

    PVD Lurker
    Thread Starter

    We need beta testers for our new app "Field Recorder". It is the most professional audio recorder making the best out of the internal hardware.

    We offer a 40% reduced price during the introductory phase, and the direct contact to the developer to suggest new features or to criticize old ones.

    But as you still pay you will have the full rights as every customer at Google Play. That is, 1) the 15 minute return period, 2) the regular version of the app, 3) a life-long license without additional fees, and 4) of course we won't force you to give feedback.

    What do you think?

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  2. DeMiNe0

    DeMiNe0 Newbie

    So you want us to pay you to help you test your application? No thanks. There are a ton of free quality recorder apps out there that have allready been tried and tested well.

    Think about making a free "Lite" version or "Beta" version and you may get more then the 5 downloads you got off the market. If the lite/beta works well, I would have no issues paying for a quality full version.
  3. PVD

    PVD Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks a lot to the people who helped us during the last weeks with useful comments!

    Actually, the software was already exhaustively tested on alpha level. My call really was about finding users seriously involved in professional audio recording (as professional as a smartphone can be) who accept that professional software can't be free but can be greatly reduced for early adopters that are willing to report minor problems or possible improvements.

    If I offended somebody then I am really sorry about that! That was not my intention.
  4. DeMiNe0

    DeMiNe0 Newbie

    No offence taken. I was just suggesting a way that you might get more testers. I've been burned by "Beta" software in the past that I've had to pay for, and then the developer vanishes. I'm sure your a great guy and all, but considering your only two posts from here are in this thread, and your only application in the Play Store is this Field Recorder; that all doesn't say much for the quality and reliability of your product.

    Although I do work in professional audio, I'm not really willing to make the risk of trying software that could possibly be broken and loosing the money on that. $4 is a little much for me at the moment given my current financial situation, especially when; like many other audio professionals, I allready own a professional recorder like the Zoom H4N.

    Regardless of what I think about the distribution method, the app looks pretty good from what I could tell from the store listing. Good luck, and I hope you get the testers your looking for!
  5. PVD

    PVD Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for making your point very clear. Actually, peope like you (having substantial experience with recording or even owner of a field recorder device) were those, I hoped to convince and to benefit from. And I thought paying only half of the coming price together with the direct contact to me and my immediate response to suggestions would be enough from my side to let you also benefit.

    But I learned that there are many professionals I could not convince. And I see the situation from your view and I guess I understand: not enough reputation to trust. But honestly, if there were some more Apps (and I assure you they will come) and more posts out there, would that be enough reason to really trust?

    I think not. Details about and efforts spent in the App are well-documented on our web site (better and more open than for any other recorder app we found). We do not spend so much time to vanish early. At the end, I think, it is some minor details which make people give it a try as an early adopter. Even if the app would be for free.

    So, I thank you very much for your effort to give a serious answer: we will consider finding beta testers for our next app with a free "lite" version.

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