Open Coby Kyros MID1024


A YouTube video showing the Coby Kyros MID1024 open:

The internal SD card can be seen, and it's possible to replace it with a bigger one (already tested with 6, 8 and 16GB Class 4 models).

Curiosity: it shows the version of the board as 1025_V4, and the MID1025 wasn't released yet.

Have you tested your MID1024 for dual or multitouch? If yes, please share your results, model and OS version.

Video credits: marcelodossantos1979


Here is mine...


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I just did the microsd upgrade. I used the other video shoring how to open the case, by the same guy above. But I found instead of using the pin of a compass to get started and thus slightly damage the case, I started on the left side of the empty external microsd. It popped open nicely. I tested both a 16GB and 32Gb, both worked with the CFW GingerLF Evo ROM. I ended up using the 16 since it was faster than the 32.


Don't do this for the Telechips tablets. Memory and storage are soldered chipson a daughter board. (At least for the 8125 and 1126) I examined... It would have been nice to upgrade the 1126 to 8GB onboard storage, but not to be.