Aug 3, 2010
I'm new to this board and to android devices, i came from a Blackberry Pearl 9300. I purchased Open Home full theme app. The app is nice and i like the different themes and settings however i can not figure out how to go back to my Motorola Droid X origanal stock theme. It should be under more themes but it just has themes that i downloaded and not my default theme. Does anyone know how to get it back short from uninstalling the app? Second question is now that i have downloaded a bunch of themes my app drawer is exftremely full. Is there a way to organize the app draw and put all the themes in a single folder?

I appologize if these questions have been asked, this is all new to me and didn't know where to start.

Thank you all for your help
Open Home is an alternative home app. To use the stock home then you can't use Open Home. Go into settings > applications > manage applications. Scroll down to Open Home and select it, and then click Clear defaults.

If you want to organize your themes into a folder you'll need to make a folder on the home screen and organize them that way. As of now there is no way to organize the app drawer.

In my opinion I would not use Open Home anymore. Use either LauncherPro or ADW.Launcher. Two of the best home apps.
Thank you however i tried that there are no defaults checked so nothing to clear. Its like it took over my phone! I tried to force close it with task manager and also tried closing it with advace task killer. When i go back to the home screen ifs open home is back. I have even emailed the dev and he instructed me to go into themes. Arg!