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Opera Mini 5 browser: The speed of this browser will ultimately triumph!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by whinelikeaturbine, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. whinelikeaturbine

    Thread Starter

    An alternative web browser for your Android device with super fast web loading as its main feature and primary focus.

    The Browser's startup loading screen. Unfortunately, you will have to go through this initial loading process every time if you kill the task after use. You can avoid this if left running in the background.

    You are greeted with this startpage. It gives you quick access to 9 of your favourite bookmarks with a little thumbnail preview. These tiles can obviously be customized to your choice.

    Hitting the menu button on your device will bring up these options. The initial startpage of your bookmarks can be easily accessed here along with other settings.

    All your Opera browser settings can be accessed here. Adjusting the image quality to low will help speed up loading times!

    Portrait view of the webpage. The full webpage is rendered so that your very first view will be of the full website. No support for Flash yet.

    I love this feature! A dedicated Google search box next to the url bar on the top of the page.

    1 tap to zoom in onto the text or image. Its simple and intuitive. No pinch-to-zoom support here yet.

    Option to select text. Just long press on the text for the option.

    Option to copy and paste text from the web or directly Google search the selected text.

    Slightly different options when long pressing images. Option to save images onto your device.

    Multiple tabs supported here! Tabs are in the form of panes. This makes tab switching and closing them individually very easy and smooth.

    Browsing history can be accessed with a few clicks and cleared in one tap!

    Landscape orientation supported too.

    1)Speed. Browser loads webpages extremely quick including heavy ones like Engadget and our very own Phandriod ; )
    2)Simple. Very easy to get to grips with all the features enabling an even quicker experience. I love the 9 bookmarks tile startpage. Personally, it enables me to switch between sites easily, quickly and above all intuitively. Love the dedicated Google search box too.
    3) SPEED!

    1) The app does feel a bit rough around the edges which is understandable since its still in beta. Its not as polished as the stock browser.
    2) No flash support.
    3) No pinch-to-zoom support.
    4) The startup loading can get a bit annoying after a while.
    5) The browser does not have an exit button. I use ATK to kill the task.
    6) Panning through the webpage could do with kinetic scrolling and maybe some kind of a bounce effect. Feels very 'sticky' and rigid at the moment.

    I personally haven't turned back to the stock browser on my G1 (1.6) after installing Opera mini. I honestly think you won't too. The pure snappiness of the browser, loading speeds and navigation through the menus will win you over enough to ignore the little niggles to a point where you won't notice it any more.

    Server based rendering/loading ROCKS \\OO//


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