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Opinions and Ideas Wanted!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by ADZdevelopment, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. ADZdevelopment

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    Hi everyone!
    I am the founder of ADZdevelopment, a indie game development company for Android. We are currently designing a action/shooter style game with a space theme. The player will be controlling two stationary turrets.

    Main objective: Kill the swarms of nasty green invaders.
    Secondary Objective: Save your precious base from the nasty invaders.

    The art style will be quite cartoony, (see profile pic) and we aim for a very "action" style experience, with lots of explosions, visuals, ect.

    Since I know many of you have a passion for playing mobile games, I thought that there would not be a better place to get some answers on a few things I have been wondering:

    What kind of new player experience do you expect?
    Do you like a detailed tutorial, or would you rather figure things out yourself (possibly with the help of some small text and arrows)
    Should the first level be very short? REALLY easy?

    How long should an average level take to play through? I personally think about a minute to a minute and a half, but I what do YOU say?

    Are there any other thoughts or comments you would like to leave?

    There will be a in-game store. You earn money while shooting the aliens, and you can spend it to upgrade your weapons. How complex should the purchase system be, in you opinion? We currently have about 4 different types of upgrades, with 6 or so levels of each upgrade available. Would you, as a player, like to see more, or less? (or maybe you think that is just right?)

    Finally, I would like to offer you, the readers of androidforums, a chance to take part in beta testing, when that time comes. We hope to have a beta version ready to go in a week or two. If you are interested, please shoot me a pm or email!

    Adam Ensz

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  2. In depth tut on buttons, features, ect. with the option to skip at any time for the figure-it-outers.
    Short/Easier first 2 levels IMO are the best, the second being a little harder with a new-ish feature (if you have any upgraded invaders).

    The upgrading system seems to be meta, there's enough customization for people to play their own game, but enough to be able to win regardless.

    Hope this helped!
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