Opinions: Broken Seal On "New" Galaxy Note

Hi guys, I just received a brand new Galaxy Note this morning from a 3rd party seller on Amazon. I have a quick question though. I'm kinda picky about getting factory sealed devices, and this was supposedly a new Note. But when I opened the UPS package and took out the box, there were seals on the top and bottom. Everything looked OK, but upon further inspection the top seal had actually been broken (and the box opened, I assume), and then a second seal was placed over the broken first one to give the appearance of a factory sealed device.

I called the seller, and he claimed that the distributor whom he got the Note from opened the box for whatever reason (I'm still unclear as to why) and then resealed it with a second sticker placed over the first. Personally, I've never heard of this being done to a factory sealed device, but then again, what do I know?

The Note does appear new, but the guy's story just seemed kinda weird to me. Does his explanation hold water with you guys?

Thanks in advance, and take care.

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I'd feel slightly put out by that too, although I'm not sure where you'd stand legally. You might want to try Amazon and see what they say? It is a 3rd Party seller, but as it was bought via Amazon, if it was advertised as factory sealed, then that's what it should be and Amazon would be in the best position to let you know if you could get a replacement/refund.

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There was another guy on the forums here with same scenario when he received his note; someone else on the forum informed him that they break the seal in order to place the cord adapter for the U.S. inside of the box.


Same happened to me when buying the phone.. The distributor had opened the factory sealed box and put there a flip case as a free gift and also a warranty slip branded with their logo (which was later filled in by the vendor).

After doing this they applied another seal, on top of the broken one. Everything was untouched, not a single fingerprint or dust spec.

They might do this quite often just for stupid reasons like the ones I told you about or to add a specific power outlet adapter. I didn't like this either, but since everything looked all right, I didn't worry too much.

However when my gf bought hers, there was only the unbroken factory seal on the box (I inspected at the box personally).

If you have the smallest suspicion that the phone was used, talk to amazon about this and return the item.