Opinions on privacy screen protectors?

Stannis the Mannis

So I'm interested in buying some of these, I catch public transport and there's always some sneaky rascal that takes a peek, I prefer people not look at my phone because a lot of the time I'm using email or messaging as well as G+ etc. Of course I can't control who looks but from the videos I've seen these screen protectors seem to work really well. Also are they like the matte ones where they don't leave finger prints? Cheers.


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Never used one on a phone, but several companies I have worked for required them for laptops. It definitely darkened the screen and reduced some clarity. The solution was to leave the screen on even while in the office (so you got used to it) and to just crank up the brightness.


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They are mostly all darker - at least the ones I saw and used. But the real trick is they are polarized. So only looking directly at the screen from in front will allow you to see the screen. Side or above you see nothing. The viewing angle is very narrowed, so that you even have to be almost directly in front to see the screen. Which is another reason I left it on my laptop all the time. Just so that I was used to it.

I ASSUME the phone screens work the same way.


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Cool. I LOVE the viewing angles on my Amoled so id much rather strangers on the bus see my nawty txts than lose that. Wonder if they make like clip-on ones that can be removed when u dont need em