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Opinions please... Root and Backup method

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by popejpii, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. popejpii

    popejpii Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey all!
    I need your opinions / expertise!

    I have a new phone and want to play with it :) but need some practical advice on where I will go wrong.

    Phone details:

    Samsung Galaxy S I-9000
    Product Code GT-I9000HKDH3G (branded 3 UK)

    Network Lock ON SIMLock OFF

    Current Firmware: PDA I9000NEJP5 PHONE I9000NEJP2 CSC I9000HCGJP5
    BUILD 2010.11 IMEI and Serial also known

    I *AM* able to get into three button recovery / download modes.

    So, after much reading around this and various forums I think I am ready to go and do the following (in this order):

    1) Root using SuperOneClick v1.6.5

    What are the most common problems with the GT-I9000 and SuperOneClick v1.6.5?
    Will this work with / has anyone had any specificc problems doing this with *branded* GT-I9000?
    Is there a less dangerous method (in your opinion?)

    2) Backup the essentials (efs folder) somehow...

    What should I use? There are a couple of apps I think!

    What else is essential other than the efs folder?

    3) Play play play

    My main aim is to always be able to come back to the exact state my phone was in before step one, is there anything else I should do to make sure I can do this?

    Thanks in advance for any answers, I have searched around a lot and have found some answers but could do with a little more...

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  2. shaahinjjj

    shaahinjjj Well-Known Member

    1) Root using SuperOneClick v1.6.5
    Just make sure you have installed Kies, so your pc will recognize the phone.

    2) Backup the essentials (efs folder) somehow...
    If you have 2e recovery (the version of recovery that has many options including "backup") get a nanroid backup, but I personally prefer Mybackup Pro from the Market. You might wanna have your modem .zip file so you can always flash it, otherwise if you flash a Rom with a random modem it'll screw up your signal reception. I had this problem for months before figured out what it was.

    3) Play play play
    Download and install SetCPU from the market. It'll allow you to manage your CPU power which is awesome. I don't recommend lagfixes as if you do a lot of flashing like I do, you end up forgetting to disable it once and your expensive Galaxy is going to go out the window, like my previous 2 SGs did ;) was lucky enough to get replacements for both. Besides if you have a good rom on your phone you will not even notice the difference that any lagfix might make on your phone ... so seriously don't bother for it.
  3. popejpii

    popejpii Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the reply shaahinjj...

    1) I have the drivers installed and was able to get my device ID using adb so all should be good there.

    2) I don't have 2e recovery by the looks of it, what other options do I have?

    3) Right. Be wary of lagfix, got it!

    Anybody else got any tips?
  4. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Android Expert

    I typed a huge passage, than phandroid crashed on me. Stupid database error. (I always seem to get it.)

    Anyway, backup your efs folder with this. [HOW TO] /efs Folder backup + Restore NV_DATA.BIN - xda-developers
    Don't back it up using nandroid, because it doesn't actually cover the efs partition. I have cracked out my nandroid backup before, and it's not there.

    You can get 2e recovery by flashing a kernel. You can find a few kernels here. http://androidforums.com/samsung-ga...-10-bst-feb-08-2011-call-recording-added.html But there are more at XDA.

    Also, it's not that difficult to remember to remove lagfix.
  5. popejpii

    popejpii Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks snapper.fishes, that's great advice.

    From the link it looks like its a good idea to backup ST13 file as well, would've missed that one!

    Is it also a good idea to get the build.prop file??

    Right, I think I'll read up on busybox.

    Still a little bit worried because I have a branded phone, anybody had any serious troubles because their phone was branded?

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