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Opinions: Should I Wait?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by npro1464, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. npro1464

    npro1464 Member
    Thread Starter

    I've been holding out for the Fall phones, but the Verizon price drop has me very tempted to upgrade to the N3 now. I really dont know what I'll really gain in the Note 4 over the Note 3, other than it would hopefully get more updates.

    I love the way the N3 looks and feels, and Amazon has it for $100 right now. That's a lot better than the $300 Id have to spend in October for a Note 4.

    I'm totally over the whole rooting thing, and the only other phone Id be interested in is the X+1. What do you think, should I just wait?

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  2. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    The Note 4 is expected to launch at the beginning of September. Might want to wait. :)
  3. Gearu

    Gearu Android Expert

    After what they did to the S5, they will probably make the same mistake with the Note 4 by replacing the menu capacitive button with the window/task switcher. The Note 3 appears to be the last of the best/end of Samsung's golden era.
  4. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Android Expert

    Indeed. the Note 3 will last a lot longer and retain its high-tech feel for the considerable future IMO. it's not as if they can add anything they haven't already, i mean what else is there to add? the Note 2 feels dated compared with the Note 3 but the Note 4 might be like the S5 vs. the S4--nothing killer to warrant the upgrade. in addition there's the rumor that the 4 might have Tizen which might leave a bad taste in our mouths.

    My Note 3 was free but i was eligible for EDGE from Verizon given my hefty data plan and one year of on-time payments. can't say i'm unhappy with their service. they've pretty much been reliable, given great promos, and have fixed any issue i've reported in due time.
  5. TomWho

    TomWho Newbie

    The Note 3 will not go bad when the 4 comes out. It will remain excellent for a long time.
  6. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Android Expert

    sadly there's this issue i have when the 'next big thing' does launch. i get this, this...itch. it must be hard-wired into the system or something...
  7. evohicks

    evohicks Android Expert

    Hah! I get that also, but, of recent years it's been too close to call, stick with what you have or go with the new.
    I really think that I will go with the feedback on the next model, my contract is due next year and there are other phones up for grabs also, albeit without the S Pen (which is a negative)
    I would definitely consider the Note 3 at great prices right now but a couple of months wait, you will know the Note 4 spec, which is going to cost more, but you're going to have the contract for 2 years (assuming) so it's a tough call.
  8. Reggie3

    Reggie3 Well-Known Member

    If you are someone who has rooted your phone I suspect you will quickly grow tired of the 3 vs the new performance of the 4 - especially after one and a half years with it.
  9. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Android Expert

    i dunno, to be honest, the days of slower and laggy machines are coming to a close. even more so with Android L in development. it's not like we're going to have to deal with effects similar to running Windows 98 on an i486 with a lousy 16MB of RAM. Looking at Apple, they manage to keep fluid performance on devices as old as 2-3 years. i am seeing Android in later versions being much the same. specs these days really don't matter.
  10. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby 100% That Guy
    VIP Member

    Go for the Note 3. That's a great price.
  11. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator

    I think every tech enthusiast can relate completely to this 'itch' you are having, unfortunately haha.

    And regarding to the OP and the issue of rooting, you can still root/rom the Note 3 even on KitKat just so you know :)

    I don't really know if the Note 4 will be that huge of an upgrade compared to the Note 3 to be honest either, might want to take the deal.
  12. Napalm

    Napalm Android Expert

    granted I needed a device when I got mine - but the sale price helped sway me alot. I was going to limp almost an older phone till october-november time. but I'm glad I didn't.

    nothing I read about the note 4 or any other upcomer has me nearly as interested I look forward to android L - and potential 64 bit OS. but that has to also come with multicore processing that has more than 3gb of ram. at least 4 if not 6.

    then I'll be more impressed.
  13. jshus

    jshus Newbie

    Do yourself a big favor and Google "Problems with Note 3 and Kitkat" before you jump!!!
    A lot of us have thrilled with the GX Note3 and since the upgrade to Kitkat 4.4.2, we're having intolerable problems with weak signal, wifi etc. Those who live in stronger signal areas may not notice right away. But it's made our phones unusable in many cases. Doing a search on this will show you that you want to think about delaying getting the Note 3 until a new OS comes out, like 4.4.3. You'll see many Kitkat problems listed. The local Samsung rep admitted it. And I got a warranty replacement Note3 with the original OS 4.3 and mine now works fine again. So, you might hold off. The Note 4 may well have the new Android L OS installed and it won't release w/o good reception. The new Nexus 6 rumored for Oct-Nov will also be a big phone and have L.
    I've had the Note 2 and 3 and would get the 4 if the Signal is good as it's been in the past.
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  14. SkyJackpot

    SkyJackpot Android Enthusiast

    That sounds wonderful, but numerous examples prove that once a user has installed a certain amount of software with accompanying background services, the iPhone can and will lag, even more horribly considering it doesn't have 3GB of RAM.

    One thing is true of all operating systems as proven by numerous "unboxing" and first test videos on YouTube, is that all of the mobile operating systems operate flawlessly out of the box when talking about smoothness and fluidity.
  15. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator

    One reason why unboxing videos aren't really helpful, unless you want to see how the device actually looks physically.

    I find that going into the store and testing them is great way because those phones are messed with so many people, so they will probably perform more accurately than to what I could expect after I do everything I need to the device. :)
  16. HairdewX

    HairdewX Lurker

    I have a Note 3 and am probably going to get a Note 4.... I'm a nerd like that
  17. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Android Expert

    I've had devices that lag right from the box. I'm talking about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 among others.

    Never had an iOS device lag at all until iOS 7 came forth. Can't even touch an apple device now. Not without looking like a brony using such a pastel UI

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