i slipped over from the optimus elite section and im considering an exceede for my next phone run off wifi no service root overclock and possibly a new rom....i am still a noob but id like you opinion on this i poot rooted the elite and flashed a kernal the exceede/lucid looks more cpmplex but id like to give it a try any thoughts?


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Go ahead and do it man. If you follow the instructions to a key, you won't mess anything up. There are one or two bugs still being ironed out, but it's stable. When I used my Lucid as a daily driver, I enjoyed this ROM.


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awesome the elite side may jave spoiled me the number of stock based roms are very tempting but i definately want to play with the exceede before a new rom on the elite redundacy os my friend lol thanks for the vote of confidance maybe il nee over more pdten on a week or three