Opportunity to upgrade on Sprint for $150.00 a good deal


Just wondering from those that own the phone and have had other smartphones in the past if this is a good deal or not for $150 and a contract extension.

Would you do it or would you wait for another phone?

Current phone is HTC Evo 4G.

Little Darwin

Android Enthusiast
I am very happy with my Optimus G... Of course, I may be easy to please because my previous Android phones were entry level, an HTC Hero, and a Samsung Replenish.

When I looked at comparisons between the Optimus G and the Galaxy S3, they were close enough in capabilities that I would have been happy with either one... The fact that the Optimus G was available cheaper than the S3 was enough to get me to jump in that direction. I am happy with the decision.

Unless you have a driving need for something the LG OG doesn't offer (expansion card, or Jelly Bean, or ???) I think you would be happy.