Optimal Handbrake Settings for converting movies for playback on Infinity


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I've got all my movies ripped onto my hard drive in .mkv format using MakeMKV. I just got the Infinity TF700 and am using HandBrake to convert to .mp4 so they play on my TF700. Part of the reason I'm converting using Handbrake is because of the smaller file size (some of my blu ray .mkv's are over 30 GB), as well as I'm having problems transferring .mkv over to my tablet via USB (and no I don't have DivX installed, so that isn't to blame), but it works fine once the file is .mp4.

Curious has anyone figured out the optimal settings in HandBrake to convert a .mkv to .mp4 for play on the TF700? All the guides I've seen that detail settings are specific to the TF101 or TF201, and while they work and the files play fine, with the TF700 having a higher resolution I figured the settings would need to be tweaked slightly for more optimal display on the TF700 screen.

I figure once I get the optimal settings setup I can save it as a preset, then use it whenever I want to play a movie on my tablet. Without Handbrake I'm currently unable to xfer .mkv files to my tablet, and even if I could, I couldn't have more then 1 HD movie on there as they take up about 30 GB.

Thanks for the help!


I've used handbrake to convert movies for my Droid BIONIC, but have not done so n my Infinity - yet. I've ordered a pair of Sandisk 64 GB UHS-1 micro SDCards, and they arrive later this week so I can start by converting a few Blu-Ray movies and seeing what I come up with.

Feel free to bump in a couple of weeks if I don't report back- After all I'm in Hawai'i for vacation and may not get to it right away....


Another option I just started using that is super simple is DVD Catalyst. DVD Catalyst has presets for most phones/tablets with various quality/size settings including all the Transformers including the TF700. DVD Catalyst is on sale now for only $10 so hard to pass up m. It has a super simple user interface but if you dig into expert settings you have low level control over almost everything you would want. It is really worth a look.

Info at www.dvdcatalyst.com or www.tools4movies.com.

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EDIT: One caveat is DVD Catalyst only works with unprotected DVDs/Blurays so a third party solution is required if copying your personal commercial DVD and Bluray movies such as SlySofts AnyDVD. http://www.slysoft.com