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Optimus Elite root with an apk

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by giantpune, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. krisg55

    krisg55 Newbie

    Ok here goes..I have a net10 lg l75c optimus zip slider..u prob know the internal mem sucks..so it is possible to root? I have tried the options out there w/great difficulty. Posts say try poot & ministro..after many attempts to dwnld I got them. Then poot says I have a demon pop up unsuccessful. Then there's link2sd, partition the sd card, back up system etc..not 1 post (and I have spent hrs searching) is clear & concise on this. If rooting is possible could u help direct me where I can get a precise course of action from what I should do first to last? Thanks in advance

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  2. krisg55

    krisg55 Newbie

    How ? I tried and had great difficulty just dwnlding poot & ministro to have poot tell me a demon interferred lol then many attempts at superuser finally link2sd worked..to tell me that I couldn't move bulk off apps cuz my sd card didn't have 2nd partition..so many attempts w/that & faild. Finally got 1 app to work but had no clue what to do when I got there..I am so frustratd w/lack of memory & its limitations..any help would b apprciated
  3. PhoneGlow

    PhoneGlow Newbie

    Thank you! Finally, I found a method to root my phone... note that while it refers to the Elite, it also worked for mine; it is:

    Sprint LG Optimus S
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  4. please help me i am very desperate to install cyanogenmod
    i have tried run.bat nothing happened ,superone click and the poot apk also please help me......
  5. lord trevor

    lord trevor Lurker

    Ok my lg tribute isnt rooting..... I get error code 18 su was not written. I have mystro and superuser (not supersu)

    Step 1.
    Opening poot told me to download some files

    Step 2.
    Pooted only to get error code 18 su was not written.
  6. Kenny_KGS

    Kenny_KGS Lurker

    What happened it just freezes my phone??! and i followed instructions accordingly.
  7. How did i do if i have Alcatel one touch 6012a

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