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Optimus powering off on it's own

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dick302, May 20, 2011.

  1. dick302

    dick302 Member
    Thread Starter

    Took my V out of case only to find it had powered it's self off. Power button would not power back on. Had to take battery out and back in to power back up. Anyone else experienced this? Stock phone, not rooted.

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  2. smankins

    smankins Well-Known Member

    Yes, that happened to me the other day. I have had it reboot or just turn off a few times but was always able to turn back on. Not the other day. I had to remove the battery and replace then could turn the phone on. Weird.
    Oh, I am running the stock ROM but I am rooted.
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  3. blmbmj

    blmbmj Newbie

    Yes, dick302, that has happened to me before. Stock phone, not rooted. I guess it just needs to reset itself. :(

    After taking the battery out and then back in, the phone came back to life.

    I do also know that some applications "wig-it-out", like the Angry Birds Rio and Chuzzle" from the Amazon App Store have done for me.
  4. dick302

    dick302 Member
    Thread Starter

    OK, so I call VM about the phone powering down on its own. They say it should not do that and the next thing I know they are shipping me another phone. That was way to easy, makes me wonder whats up with this. The VM guy said this was the first he had heard about the Optimus V doing this.
  5. roym6

    roym6 Well-Known Member

    That has happened to me.could you please give me the number to virgin mobile that you used because when I call it gives me a computer and can't figure out how to contact a real person. Thanks
  6. dick302

    dick302 Member
    Thread Starter

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  7. Chris951

    Chris951 Member

    If you have the sd card that came with the phone installed, you need to buy a new one. My phone would always reboot randomly and shut ofc on its own like you described. I pu in a sandisk sd. Card and no more issues since. The sd cards that these phones come with are made in Taiwan and are very low quality which results in inconsistent read/write speeds. This causes the phone to freak out. So get a good quality sd card, preferably a sandisk.
  8. smankins

    smankins Well-Known Member

    That may have helped you out but that is not the case for me. I had swapped out my uSD card a few days after I got this phone and put in a Kingston 16 GB card. I wish that was the solution for me. By the way - how long has it been since you swapped memory cards? I might try this if nothing else solves the problem. Maybe I swapped to a bad Kingston card but Kingston has been a good brand for me in the past.

    By the way Sandisk has a division in Taiwan but I don't know what they make.
    SanDisk Asia-Pacific
  9. smankins

    smankins Well-Known Member

    I called that number you gave and spoke to a VM rep about the phone rebooting. She said she had not heard of that before and suggested problems with low memory, maybe a certain app was causing this, etc. which didn't address the problem. She was very nice but did not seem to know much about this situation and asked me to hold while she talked to a technician. Next thing she came back on and said I was still under warranty and they would replace the phone. I was really looking for a possible solution instead of a new phone but I will keep this solution (new phone) in mind if it gets worse. I did not want to go through the hassle of swapping phones and possibly have the same thing occur. I would only have 30 days to return a phone (original or new) so maybe the problem would not manifest itself in that time??

    Anyway if the rebooting gets much worse I have until March of next year (my one year warranty) to get a new phone. For now I guess I will see if something else is causing it. I agree that they offered a new phone fairly quickly - maybe there is an issue that we don't know about yet.
  10. Chris951

    Chris951 Member

    I've had my new sd card in for about a month and a half now. Not a reboot since I swapped cards.
  11. dick302

    dick302 Member
    Thread Starter

    Well I got my new V and put it in service yesterday. It powered down once by 10:00 am yesterday and once today. VM is now sending me a new battery since I didn't get one with new phone. They say it must be a battery issue. We will see.
  12. alilaine

    alilaine Lurker

    I'm having a similar issue. My phone isn't rebooting, just freezing. It won't power off or on - it just turns off or stops on the current screen and no buttons will work, including the power button. I have to take out the battery, sometime twice per day, to fix the issue. I've only had my phone a week. I'm calling VM today. Maybe I'll try a new SD card. I have purposely not downloaded a lot of apps fearing it would "junkify" my phone. I have two apps, no way should this be a memory issue and I'll be bummed if Virgin claims it's is... Any other suggestions?

    My first smart phone and it's causing me more stress than its worth....
  13. Chris951

    Chris951 Member

    I'm telling you, try a different sd card.
  14. This is the third day that i've had my optimus v, and so far its only restarted itself once and that was while i was texting, and charging my phone at the same time. Not sure if that matters but hey u never know with technology these days...lol. And so far i've had good battery life, with 3G left on, and Wifi off. Id say it lasts about a day and a half, and all i do is text, check e-mail, and facebook, most of the time its in my pocket cause i work to damn much...lol
  15. Mizzkitty

    Mizzkitty Lurker

    I just got mine 2 says ago n already hate its flaws..
  16. rockneo

    rockneo Well-Known Member

    I had a rebooting issue, turned out it was the SD card. LG shipped bad cards with the optimus s and optimus v

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