Help Optimus T contacts management

Ok hello everybody,

I'm entirely new to the smartphone and am getting along well. However I seem to have a problem. I have inserted in my new LG Optimus T a SIM card from my old phone that HAS all my contacts. The thing is, I cannot see them in the Contacts. However, if I start dialing, it gives me suggestions that list all my contacts from the SIM. So, where can I see all my contacts from the SIM? There doesn't seem to be any way to enable something like this. When I did go to the SIM management, it told me there were no contacts on my SIM. In that case, where are these old contacts coming from?

Second, when I save a new contact, I have the option to save it on Tmobile server, on SIM, or on my google account. Where is the option to save it on the phone memory? According to the Optimus T manual, I should have this option pop up. I cannot use SIM as it doesn't show up in the Contacts.
Any advice would be appreciated.


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I'd handle it this way

Contacts | Menu | Import/Export (import as Google contacts)

Then manage the contacts on Google going forward and it will automagically be synced to the phone. I recommend against importing/saving SIM contacts to phone only because you will end up in the same situation next time you change phones.


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If your old phone was set up for T-Mobiles back up (meaning that it would save your contacts on T-Mobiles website) then when you inserted your SIM into your phone it would automatically sync them from T-Mo's site to you new phone. You can do it all in different ways.

For instance I have all my contacts set up 2 ways.
1) I have their phone numbers backed up to my T-Mo website back up
2) I have their email synced to Gmail. I do that because I don't want all that info in
one spot.