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Optimus V Car Mounts

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TVCCS, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. TVCCS

    TVCCS Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Here are some of the better choices I've seen in Car Mounts...feel free to add your own...of course you can use universal mounts as well.

    Navigational Mount for LG Vortex - Verizon

    Fits the V (without a case) perfectly, very stable, well made, large suction cup, low profile behind phone, phone can be mounted vertically or horizontally...does not launch Car Home app on V insertion. This mount does not have the integrated power Verizon claims, rather you plug in a charger as needed to the phone's exposed jack, as shown in the picture.


    LG Vortex Navigational Mount


    Griffin WindowSeat Mobile HandsFree Car Kit

    Maybe the best all-in-one solution for the Optimus...will handle the phone without a case or in a non-button case, as long as it's not too thick. Comes with both dash and windshield mounts, a 1000mah charger, and a unique Aux cable that has a small built-in mic, allowing for audio playback from the V while connected to a car stereo with an aux jack - can also be used with a cassette adapter with a 3.5mm coupler. The mic's quality for phone calls and voice commands, especially at highway speeds, may be a concern for some, as it doesn't have the noise reduction features of better headset mics.


    Griffin Technology: WindowSeat Mobile HandsFree Car Kit - for smartphones, iPhone, and iPod

    Also available without the charger:

    Griffin Technology: WindowSeat HandsFree - Windshield or dash mount with hands-free mic

    A well done video review from Geekanoids:



    Pro.Fit International Express Holder EM-1224

    The only holder I've found that will handle a button case like the Body Glove, other than the kind that stick on a dash. The button holder EM-1224 can be combined with either a LoBoy dash mount (LB-600) or a 7" WindowMate (WM-36) arm for a windshield. They also make other holders and mounts that can be used with the Optimus, as well as numerous custom car, bike, and motorcycle mounts. The WM-36 will vibrate a little (at least it has for me) when mounted on a windshield in use with the EM-1224 and the Body Glove case. I find it acceptable, but cars with vibration issues will likely suffer more.




    Pro.Fit International - Mounting solutions for Cell Phones, iPhones and GPS

    The EM-1224 and the WM-36 can also be found as the WM-36EXP, which preassembles the two pieces.



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  2. plasmadis

    plasmadis Newbie

    Here's my car mount, the Bracketron Grip-It. At Amazon for $13, I got mine at Best Buy for $19, but with shipping I think they're about the same. Mounts easily to my vent and holds the phone securely. It's great.

  3. I think I had that bracketron mount, tried to use it with my garmin gps awhile back, couldn't support it but probably could support this. Unfortunately I threw it away. I ordered the LUXA2 H1 touch aluminum mobile device holder. I'm hoping it works in my honda accord, if not hopefully a good stand. I have the Vortex media stand at work and it works good as a stand.

    Set Your Location
    LUXA2 H1
    LUXA2 H1-Touch Aluminum Mobile Device Holder at TigerDirect.com
    LUXA2 H1-Touch Aluminum Mobile Device Holder
  4. justscott5

    justscott5 Lurker

    I just installed this Bracketron mount for my iPod Touch, but as it turns out, it also holds my Optimus V just fine. Portrait orientation only:

    Bracketron iPod Docking Kit | Staples
  5. Jessech

    Jessech Lurker

    I just ordered a Mountek CD mount. (on backorder)
    On my vehicle, I never use the CD player as I have a USB slot that plays music off a memory stick.
    So, this looks to be the best mount out there for me. Lots of positive reviews.
    Once mounted, it can me moved from a portrait to landscape view.

    Mountek Home Page



  6. DCBlueStar

    DCBlueStar Well-Known Member

    Just thought I'd share a find/purchase.

    I just bought this from eBay. It's like a "knock off" or "aftermarket" but not of bad quality.

    Car Holder + Charger + Case for Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V

    Starting Bid: $9.99 - Buy it Now: $14.99



    Car Mount Holder allows mounting your cell phone, PDA, MP3 player, GPS navigation unit or pretty much anything in your car, SUV or truck while you're driving. Conveniently mounts to windshield via suction cup or clips on to air conditioner vent. Locking suction cup provides a stable and secure attachment to windshield. Fully adjustable arm locks into any position without drooping or sagging. Your device can be mounted onto the holder either vertically or horizontally which makes this car holder fit practically any device you wish to mount in your car. Soft-release holder releases your device at the push of a button slowly, which prevents you from dropping your device. Suitable for cell phones, PDAs, PDA phones, MP3 players and GPS navigation units 1 10/16 to 3 11/16 inches (42 to 93mm) wide/tall.


    • Highest quality generic Car charger for your Cell Phone
    • Durable coil cord for extendable reach and use.
    • Provides power to your phone while simultaneously charging your phone's battery.
    • Small and lightweight for convenience, portability and storage.
    • Original battery will be charged to 95% capacity within two to three hours.
    • Talk while you are charging your phone at the same time.
    • I/C Chip technology prevents your phone and battery against overcharging
    • LED indicator lights up when charger is ready and powered.


    • Dual Magnets for superior close
    • Bold & Impressive stitching
    • Soft Felt interior
    • Strong Durable fixed belt clip
    • Perfect fit: precisely engineered to fit your phone perfectly
    • Impeccable Workmanship
    • Stay close to your body allowing you to feel the vibrate mode clearly
    • This is a brand new fitted leather pouch for your Phone/PDA
    • The inside out the pouch is lined with a velvety felt like cloth to protect your device from scratches
    • Perfectly custom fit for your Phone/PDA
    • Strong fixed durable belt clip on the back
    • Sharp, bold & impressive stitching


    Mount has a nice suction, AND we needed a new mount for our GPS (which I don't need anymore cause I have my Optimus V :D) and it works perfectly. In fact I can adjust it to hold just about anything *cough* my old iPod *cough*

    Only con is it doesn't swivel... at least I don't think so but I haven't tried. Has great suction. Has two or three areas that you can adjust to get it to the right angle. You can either put it on the windshield, the dash or use the vent clip.

    Nice sturdy belt clip case (fits my phone even with my thick carbon fiber case), and the car charger is great.

    Can't beat the price, either.
    Let em know DCBlueStar sent ya :p
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  7. lizm

    lizm Android Enthusiast

    Cross posted but this is my setup:


    Got the holder - a universal vent one for about $5 on ebay, shipped. The charger was $2-3. The aux plug I had installed because my car stereo didn't have one. It is a Pioneer and had a "P bus" for a cd changer or sat radio and I was able to use that for this. Bought a P-bus to headphone jack cable for $20 and had it installed for $20.

    The app is "Car Home"
  8. Dirknar

    Dirknar Lurker

    thanks for posting these, everyone. If I'm ever able to connect to the Data network, I can actually use the phone for one of the reasons I bought it..lol.
  9. johnemc

    johnemc Lurker

  10. revise

    revise Newbie

    I've seen some people on this forum knocking the Bracketron GripIt but I just got it today and its nice. For $10 shipped I cant really complain.... holds the phone well and doesnt block any of the ports I need access to.

    The build quality seems pretty good too.
  11. OverBoard

    OverBoard Member

    Anyone try the Arkon mounts?

    They are on Amazon and get pretty good reviews for universal type mounts. Seems like the slim and mini models will work even with the Optimus inside the OtterBox case.

    It's a modular system, with the holders easily changed to diff mount types: vent, windshield, gooseneck, cup, hardmount, etc.

    I'm really curious to know if anyone here has experience with these Arkon mounts.
  12. Frozen_Droid

    Frozen_Droid Member

    I just bought an Arkon after using the mount in DCBluestar's post. I switched over after that one broke(the connector slide thingy between the holder itself and the rest of it snapped off) , but so far I like it. the button release would be my only complaint because it instantly comes open rather than gradually, but that's a very minor issue, I'm quite pleased with the overall purchase.

    I've only been using it for about a week though, so if you have any specific questions let me know.
  13. OverBoard

    OverBoard Member

    Is your phone in a case like the OtterBox while mounted in the Arkon? Did you get the Mini Grip or Slim Grip holder?

    I'm pretty sure the Slim can hold it with the OtterBox.

    Are you using vent or windshield mount?

    It's good that you like it overall so far. I'll probably end up going with the Arkon system. And it won't become useless after changing phones later on.
  14. Frozen_Droid

    Frozen_Droid Member

    I'm using this one: Amazon.com: Arkon Universal Windshield with Dashboard and Vent Mount for Smartphones and PDAs (Black): Cell Phones & Accessories in the windshield mount. I'm also using an otterbox.
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  15. fezzle

    fezzle Newbie

  16. 350X

    350X Android Expert

  17. mamak59

    mamak59 Member

    here's my PT Cruiser dashboard:

    any suggestions of which car mount would work? The vents are a bit flimsy, so I need something that would 'stick' better.
  18. Thorsten

    Thorsten Android Enthusiast

    This may not be at all what anyone here has been looking for, but FWIW, I
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  19. 350X

    350X Android Expert

    Kinda like that pad but both it and the dash mount I posted are to exposed, Im having a terriable time seeing the screen during the day.

    My dash is recessed / I got a good 3in lip on it. Gonna try n make something to hang it just under the dash lip as a sun shade.
  20. bac22

    bac22 Well-Known Member

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  21. Thorsten

    Thorsten Android Enthusiast

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  22. rooter1

    rooter1 Well-Known Member

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  23. 350X

    350X Android Expert

    Thanks for that, I bought 3, 1 for me, one for GF and one to hack up into a holder for the car. As I need to moun mine under the lip of the dash for a sun shade, [having hard time seeing GPS speed during day time]

    I just cut the front section off following the lines of it, cut a hole for the power cord, and walla, it hold the phone snug still with silicone case on, and I can see the screen and hit the back button.

  24. elgecko

    elgecko Android Enthusiast

    Bought a universal vent mount for my phone when I use Vlingo.
    It holds the phone at a perfect angle.
    What I don't like is that it's winter and with the heat coming out the vent, the phone gets hot, Hot, HOT! I'll have to look into making a shield to try to keep the hot air from blowing right on the phone.
    The kit did include an dash mount, but I do not want to place the sticky tape on my dash to mount it...

    Thorsten / bac22,
    Does the Roadster Smartphone Sticky Pad Dash Mount work with the phone having a Black Rubberized Hard Cover Case on the phone?

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