Root Orange Branded Desire

Hi All,

When searching around about getting rid of the branding on a desire everyone talks about rooting and using some other developers version of android.

Is there no way to just install the proper original stock untouched virgin, HTC desire factory rom on the device. So that my device is as HTC intended.

Why do i have to use some developers rom that has been messed with? Surely thats as bad as having a version that orange have butchered?

Please advise



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you don't have to. that's only if you want to root, which gives you access to custom rom's that developers have worked on. if you would like to get rid of the branding, then you can use the goldcard method and flash on the original htc RUU like you said, which will make you eligible to receive the 2.2 OTA update as far as i know. as you're with orange, you'll need to unlock the phone though because when you update, the radio gets updated aswell, and orange are notorious for sim locking the phone when the radio gets updated if the device is sim locked.

hope that helps mate :)


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Many thanks :)

Where do i download the standard HTC rom from ? Is there any information anywhere about thsi that you can point me to so i dont end up recieving a root version?

Many thanks for your response :)


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you can head over to the xda developers website, i think there are links in the htc desire forum section that point you towards non rooted generic RUU's..

however, i think they 2.2 OTA update may have been pulled mate..