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Orange - Never Again

Discussion in 'Orange' started by slimhaydy, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. slimhaydy

    slimhaydy Member
    Thread Starter

    Jun 3, 2010
    I went back to Orange last year, thinking that the network would be better since the T-Mobile merger.

    I live in South Wales and it 'appears' the network is good (4 bars), but seriously it is dire. Missed calls when I apparently have a good signal, plus text messages 24 hours later!

    That bad I paid to end the contract 10 months into a 24 month contract.

    Vodafone are good so far, also my o2 SIM is good, but if I must recommend a network I would go with Voda.


  2. james_uk

    james_uk Well-Known Member

    May 27, 2010
    Liverpool, uk
    ive been with orange now for about 2 years, i am getting a bit frustrated with them as well, you would think after they merged things would be better but i have seen no improvement in signal, my internet is by biggest issue, i have a htc desire which was always supposed to have a fast internet connection, i know people who have normal iphones (not even iphone 4's) and i have tried to load pages side by side and sometimes mine has loaded instantly but other times it feels like i am waiting ages, compared to theirs (on o2) theres just always seems to load instantly with no wait, and because i use the net a lot it just really annoys me.

    I have my desire till october this year, im really not sure whether to stay with orange, as i am guessing its orange thats slow not my phone! im unsure whether to go with o2 as their phones seem very fast on the net, although i am on the dolphin 30 package (18 month) which is
  3. mentalmorg

    mentalmorg New Member

    Jan 8, 2011
    You do realise you could of got out of that contract for free, right? I had the same problem with Orange, I'm also from south Wales! I hassled them and hassled about my problems, but they kept coming up with a different excuse every time! So I phoned ofcom, and they got me a number to the executive office in Orange, within 10th mins my contract was cancelled, for free! :) no more Orange for me!!!!
    I'm now with Tesco mobile, and have a desire HD, they run off o2 network, but there deals are way better than o2, go figure?? I get 750 mins, unlimited texts and 1gb data for 30 quid! Amazing deal! Well at the time it was anyway!

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