Orange software upgrade to 2.2 - when?



I'm with Orange.

I was wondering if anbody knows when the software upgrade to 2.2 is likely to happen for the Hero?



You might be waiting along while. Unless HTC have had a change of heart, 2.1 was the last major update the Hero will be receiving.


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If you root and install a custom ROM you can go as far as 2.3 (which runs great on the Hero) - however anything from 2.2 onwards will be vanilla Android which means it won't have any of the HTC sense customisation. To many this is a benefit not a disadvantage though.


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Hi mate,

We wont be releasing Android 2.2 for the Hero. Unfortunately HTC have pretty much ruled out that the Hero will get support past the recent 2.1 update.

Your options are to root and use a custom ROM, I guess.


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This is exactly why I have not rooted/custom rom my hero even though I'm loving froyo on my San Fran/ZTE Blade.
Give it a go, you might be surprised. With a couple of apps from the market and the sheer brilliance that is launcherpro you wont miss sense for long. It's like having a new phone.

And you can always go back if you really cant live without it.